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The Wonder of Life

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  • richard_pendarvis
    The Wonder of Life Life is that when you are existing and KNOW it. I don t know what anything else is. I have never know NOT existing. NOT Life. I have never
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      The Wonder of Life

      Life is that when you are existing and KNOW it. I don't know what
      anything else is. I have never know NOT existing. NOT Life. I have never
      ever known what it is NOT To Be. So far I have known it for seventy two
      years, but I can only remember seventy years of it.

      I don't know what it is like to be a Cat or a Dog or an Ant, for I
      don't ever recall ever being one of those things. Neither do I know
      what it is like being a tree or a stone or a river. I don't even
      know what it is like to be you. All I do know is what it is like to be
      me. I cannot say that all I know is what it is like to be a human being,
      for that would not be true, it would be a lie to say it. For I know what
      it is like to exist, and to be conscious of it, in a place nothing like
      this world, and where Time does not move; and where no human beings
      exist. FACT. I also know what it is like to be in the
      `pipe-line' between here and there. Fact.

      Of all the places which I do know as yet (the Paradesium of Eternity;
      and here on Earth; and in that Conduit which joins them up, connects
      them together) then of all those place where do I like being best of
      all? Exmoor, by the side of a stream, sitting in the sunshine under a
      tree and listening to the skylarks singing on the wing. And if I had a
      can of beer there then so much the better. I love LIFE !

      Neither religions or psychology talk about life, and the Wonder of Life
      and the Wonder of Being. Neither do either of them talk about the Wonder
      of Becoming the more that we can become. Neither of them have one jot to
      say which is worth reading or hearing about anything at all. They are
      BLIND ! And one of them is STUPID and dangerous. Only science asks
      questions and then sets about trying to find things, and answers. But
      science does not address this, for it knows that it cannot. And I too
      know that it cannot. It is IMPOSSIBLE.

      Science asks – What is out there? What is the world made of (and
      rightly so, good questions too, and I also ask them, and always did).
      But as a little boy I also asked myself (not them) as to WHAT WAS IN
      HERE ! I AM LIFE ! So what is IN HERE. It is NOT `out there',
      it is IN HERE. Science does not ask that. Per chance I found out what is
      IN HERE, and where it starts. It starts in Eternity - HOME. My
      consciousness starts in Eternity, where there is no Time, no change, no
      personality, no dichotomy, no questions, no contradictions, no worries,
      no work to do, just - - PERFECTION unending. But I cant do anything
      there except wallow around in bliss ! I am a Pragmatist and I love
      FREEDOM !And I want to choose which tree I sit under, by what stream I
      want to sit by, and I want to feel the body of a lover. And I want try
      EVERYTHING that life has to offer one. ALL OF IT. And I want to feel it
      all to the highest heights of joy and the deepest pangs of pain. For
      that way I would know LIFE. AND I DID ! Write it they say !

      Science can look right into the depths of my body and brain, with
      scanners and microscopes. But they will never find me. The body is
      just my time and space machine. Science can look out there as far as it
      can see, and with great telescopes and whatever. And they can look
      right back into the time of the physical universe. But they will never
      find me there. Science does not ask wrong questions and it is not
      looking in the wrong places. It is just not looking for me. And even if
      it did then it would never find me.

      I am not made of the same stuff as stars are made of. I AM LIFE. I am
      not my foot or my head. Blow my head off and I cannot stay here. I need
      this contraption in order to be here on earth in space and time. And I
      am in no hurry to dump the machine, and even though it is well near on
      worn out now. It is doing well enough however. But it has been a good
      one, and it never let me down.

      There is no living god other than me. And I am not a god. They just
      don't get it do they ! I AM LIFE ! In the beginning I am life, in
      the end I am life, and in the middle I am life. I AM the alpha and omega
      of all that which is issued forth of LIFE. They just don't get it do
      they. They have probably read too many of the wrong kind of books and
      have been brainwashed by them, and society! They have not got a clue
      what I am talking about, have they. Not a clue. And yet they are the
      same stuff. The identical stuff. Talk to them? Life will sort them out
      ! They cannot hear. In the scheme of the unfolding of life Ignorance is
      tolerated for a while. But not for long.

      On coming to know the transcendent aspect of yourself you will KNOW
      yourSELF. The life force. But you will not know anything else there.
      That is not the place for learning anything else - - HERE IS ! We are
      time and space travellers. But, the most important thing to learn EVER
      – is that which you are NOT. For that is where your primordial
      love, passion, is directed toward. You cannot love you, it isn't
      possible. It is you that does the loving. In paradise I loved the
      place and I know not what. But here I found it. QED. And you just
      cannot learn what you are NOT until you first know what you ARE ! How
      many times does one have to say it? One time? A zillion times? A week?
      Ten thousand years? It makes no difference, for they don't hear it.
      Only those who know it, KNOW. But they will come to know, for it is not
      an option. YOU will become in Form as you are in Essence. There is no
      choice in that. YOU will learn, the easy way or the hard way – but
      you WILL learn. Like it or not. And when you know then you will live
      from YOU, not from you. It is a whole different way of BEING. I know,
      for I have been to both. Yet some of you have been nowhere yet, and yet
      you know everything. You are full of bullshit. Get rid of the bullshit
      and then something else might be able to get in to teach you. And no,
      not me, that is not what I mean, I mean YOU. Huh, how the high and
      mighty will be humbled indeed ! Your day of reckoning will come. It is
      inevitable. Argue with that until pink smoke comes out your arse, it
      will make no difference, it WILL happen.

      If you would know your SELF in that Paradesium place then you must
      journey there alone. You cannot take anybody or anything there with you.
      Not even your clothes or your memories. But when you get to the
      terminus, the gate of the Great Exterminator, then only I can let you
      in. You cannot get there any other way than by way of ME – for I AM
      the way! And I AM the Watcher at the Gates of Dawn. It is I who resides
      over Paradise. It is I who gives you life. FACT ! You don't
      understand any of this do you? You will. FACT ! And I AM what I AM.
      LIFE ! We will meet again. I will be back.

      Dick Richardson

      http://www.psychognosis.net/ <http://www.psychognosis.net/>

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