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Keeping up the fight. 1

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Keeping up the fight. 1 Oh my, this is one of the best emails I have ever had the privilege to read. I am going to put it on the group and try and address it
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2010
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      Keeping up the fight. 1

      Oh my, this is one of the best emails I have ever had the privilege to
      read. I am going to put it on the group and try and address it there;
      but it will take a few emails. The short answer to why I did it for all
      those years is because of people like you. You, me, and a few others
      whom I have met, are about as bog standard as bog standard gets, and
      bog standard people are the salt of the earth, and they make life here
      worth living and sharing life with. Bog standard life, and without any
      mysticism in it at all, is bloody amazing and it is worth fighting for,
      if fight one has to. And if one has to, then one will. I will call it
      keeping up the fight.

      [ Hello, Merlin.

      It's been a busy week here, but I have been reading many of the
      posts between you and other members. ***Deep Sigh*** I used to wonder
      why you ever regretted sharing your experiences. In what seems like a
      short amount of time, I now find myself wondering how you keep the
      fight going.

      I've only been in these religious discussion groups since 2006.
      When I read your references to the 70's, I wonder how your head
      hasn't become completely detached from your body by this time!

      It's funny, isn't it? That one experiences something so
      profound and life changing and wants to share it with the world –
      out of love – and only seems to be challenged and shit on for doing
      so. (and let's not forget those wonderful words like
      "nuts", "crazy", "arrogant", etc.)

      Do you know what I've learned in 4 short years of listening to
      people online and trying to get to know them in an effort to
      "consider the source"??? I've learned that people are
      seldom who they say they are. Pretenders and frauds, so many of them.
      There are a few people who have truly touched my heart along the way
      and who I would like to believe are sincere, but I can no longer say
      with any certainty that even these people are who are I believe them to
      be. When I joined these religious and spiritual groups, I expected to
      be with like minded people who were searching for answers and sharing
      their experiences and things they have learned along the way. But it
      seems to me that the majority are vying for recognition and for
      legitimacy and validation of their position on – science, religion,
      history, drugs, WHATEVER – so much so, that they have ceased
      searching and have closed their minds and their hearts to any other
      points of view. They are stagnant and have become like the
      fundamentalists they so loudly oppose.

      Tonight, my heart breaks when I think of "God's Children".
      I wonder how so many people who share this wonderful connection can be
      so miserable, so hateful, so deceitful, so full of themselves. From
      politics to religion to immigration to the oil spill ---- there is so
      much fighting going on in the world. Everybody wants what they believe
      they deserve. Everybody wants to make the world a better place – if
      it fits in with *their* ideas of what it should be. People are so lost
      --- and are destroying each other in the process. Nobody wins anymore.
      If I were in God's shoes, I would be mourning and ashamed over the
      current condition of humanity.

      You know, when I started this internet spiritual quest 4 years ago, I
      was in a good place. Positive, optimistic, eager to learn and to
      share. Never hiding behind a false name (until I had a run in with a
      crazy person about a year ago) – I was so very green in the
      beginning --- but people used to tell me all the time that I had a
      tremendous energy about me. It is not so anymore. I'm so tired
      – I don't know how you do it. I am worn down and tired of
      people's games ---- tired of people on their high horses, tired of
      disrespect, tired of fundies and closed minds, tired of the whole

      You shared a wonderful experience with the world. It is not
      scientific, it is not religious, but it IS mystical and meaningful and
      brings with it a gift of HOPE. But not for hope in YOU, or YOUR
      experience, but that the possibility exists for each person to
      experience this wonderful Union for themselves. Hope that there is a
      reason and purpose for this life – hope that the end of the road is
      not really the end of the road. The old scripture that says do not
      cast your pearls before swine ---- well, I've got 2 words for a
      good portion of the internet - "oink oink"!

      Life is beautiful – there ARE so many wonderful beautiful gifts we
      have been given. Today we had a job in Big Bear and had to drive up
      the mountain and I was amazed at the scenery and the wildlife. I felt
      like it was a different planet, it was so beautiful. But people are
      too self absorbed and busy to appreciate it for the most part. Too
      busy making a buck – too busy chasing pirates.

      I have had many wonderful experiences that I don't know how to
      properly explain --- which is why I probably kept my mouth shut about
      it for many years. I am not a college graduate, but I didn't just
      fall off the turnip truck, either – not crazy, not a druggie, a
      pretty ordinary person who lives in an ordinary neighbourhood with an
      ordinary family. I've worked, volunteered and coached my kids'
      in sports. Ordinary – that is, until you share something
      extraordinary with people. That is when you learn the fibre that makes
      up the people you considered friends.

      I don't believe in religion, I don't believe in the Bible, and
      I am slowly but surely losing my faith in humanity. Kudos to you for
      keeping so strong for so long --- you helped me, Dick. And I am one
      person who is grateful for finding someone who has the balls to be
      honest and true to who they are. And screw them all if they don't
      like what you have to say. I understand now why you regret sharing ----
      I thought coming out about things would be "freeing", like
      removing a weight, being able to share … but it has done the exact
      opposite and caused more problems for me than I will probably ever be
      able to fix. When you're done with that armour … would you
      send it my way? =) Tracey ]

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