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  • tom
    I suspect it is and has always been ubiqititous. I d guess it goes back thousands of years,but only in the last 30 years have victims thought the environment
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      I suspect it is and has always been ubiqititous. I'd guess it goes back thousands of years,but only in the last 30 years have victims thought the environment was such that they'd be heard. In the middle ages, they would have probably burned them as heretics. And once they started averaging a million or so per case, that was an incentive for many.

      As I understand it, the Catholic Church was created by in various ways desexualizing ajnd adulterating paganism, and at least the inner circle kept the unadulterated version for themselves. Certainly, in Catholicism as well as some other religions, there has always been an exoteric version for the masses and an esoteric for the insiders. This correlates with Orwell and his idea of a decadent inner party, and a guilt ridden outer party; and also I believe with Neitzsche's idea of a master and slave morality. In a recent post,I gave a link to an article showing higher up are better at lying.

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      I agree that this is a particularly opportune moment in history to end not only heinous crimes against children but also to question the fallibility of the papacy, its investment portfolios, and properties. They shouldn't have tax immunity AND near corporate status. Even a corporation is held accountable for malfeasance with enough resources to pursue it. If this doesn't happen, I can only assume this perversion is ubiquitous.

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      > The pedophile clergy are not necessarily fundamentalists,they are perverts. Now all homosexuals are not perverts ,being queer is not a crime here. I think homosexuality is more about pleasure than sex.Sex is about the mingling of opposite gametes and that does not happen in queer relationships. Can you be a priest,a homosexual and not a pedophile. The answer would seem no because the church sees homosexuality a sinful life. This comes down to the church heirarchy in disobediance with their own laws. Civil authority cannot convict pedophile priests of homosexual conduct that is constitutionally protected.The church could excommunicate them but rarely does so.Raping children just does not rank that high on their list of deadly sins. This is where secularism must take authority and this is where modernism is at direct odds with Rome and its agents.We have been at odds with the heirarchy since Copernicus and Galleleo but that was philosophical in nature, this is a legal problem. Investigate, convict and sentance and fine are the actions of necessity. All the rest is just lies and subtrafuge. Lets see if lawyers and judges are smarter than pervert priests, stronger than bishops and cardinals in their sworn duties as civil protectors.We have the tools if we have the will to protect our children. WRH

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