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  • tom
    William, You write This is probably not socialist enough for Wil nor libertarian enough for Tom but for me it is a start Actually, according to the world s
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      You write
      This is probably not socialist enough for Wil nor libertarian enough for Tom but for me it is a start

      Actually, according to the world's smallest political quiz at the Libertarian website, I am somewhat of a liberal libertarian. The quiz breaks down political leanings beyond liberal and conservative into liberal, conservative, statist, and libertarian. According to their categorization, liberals favor the use of government to produce more economic equality, conservatives favor the use of government to produce order, statist favor using it for both, and libertarians for neither.Interestingly, I am somewhat pulled between libertarianis and Soros open society ideas. There is a great difference between the 2 on the role of government in the economy, but both oppose the Orwellian police state, and current US mideast policy.I would have loved to see Soros and the late Harry Browne debate economic mnatters.


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      > Dodd's a day late and a dollar short. While he was asleep at the
      > wheel, these missteps in oversight occured.
      > Additionally, people need to make better choices. Credit card
      > companies could use some oversight, but people could use some wisdom.
      > Is it really necessary to charge yourself into consumer debt? I doubt
      > it.
      > Gordon, I trust very little about the run up to the stimulus as Paulson and the Goldman Sacs crew ran to Bush with the bad news. The republicans knew they were going down and they decided to take the money with them. A bankrupt government could not accomplish change and they left us destitute. I suspect it was intentional but it will take decades of scholarship to prove that point. Dodd is coming on CNN as I type. I would try to log roll the package I mentioned previously. Dodd says we must act now. No more too big to fail and across the board consuumer protection. This is probably not socialist enough for Wil nor libertarian enough for Tom but for me it is a start. Dodd knows he is dead in Ct. with this anti business stance. Dodd is the spy who got inside now he is running like hell to escape the Ct. money men. Sometimes flight is as courageous as fight. WRH
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      > On Mar 15, 2010, at 2:26 PM, "William" <v.valleywestdental@...>
      > wrote:
      > > We have discussed FN especially in relation to the individual and
      > > will. We have discussed thought itself and its usefulness as an
      > > evolutionary adjunct to personal and species survival. I am not you
      > > and so do not jump my ass about putting words in your mouth. What
      > > you wrote ,you wrote and what I wrote I wrote,it is a matter of
      > > record. I only write this prescript to satisfy this post as to
      > > topicality.
      > > Now to Wil, when I say,and I do, that any Democrat who does not help
      > > in this effort to revise the laws of the land regarding insurance
      > > reform, should lose his political idenity that is what I mean. No
      > > more no less.
      > > This is the time to turn back the pendulum away from the republican
      > > business agenda toward medical care for the people of this country.
      > > The wars are winding down and I want to rejoin the Clinton era
      > > concept of a better life for the American people. Remember raises?
      > > Remember an expanding domestic economy?
      > > Now I can understand what happned to cause this recession. I
      > > understand what the bonding companies did. I understand what the
      > > banks did. I understand what the insurance companies did and if we
      > > allow them to repeat the stupidity and greed we will crash into
      > > revolution.
      > > This insurance reform is just the start as Sen Dodd is introducing
      > > legislation to curb some of the finaccial hyjinks that slammed us
      > > into insolvency. Credit card companies must be regulated, insurance
      > > companies must be nationally regulated, banks must be regulated
      > > especially regarding investment, bonding companies may need to be
      > > nationalised. All of this to do work either happens or this country
      > > is finished as leader of the free world. This people has to decide
      > > if we will work for a better future or will we retreat to our
      > > cubicles and bill each other to death.
      > > Obama says it is a matter of courage and I cannot put it better. WRH
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