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Re: [existlist] Downsizing modernism

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  • tom
    Bill, There is a lot of truth in your statement about the trouble with libertarians. In some ways, we r all both special interests and general interests. The
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      There is a lot of truth in your statement about the trouble with libertarians. In some ways, we r all both special interests and general interests. The only problem is that special interests are much more motivated. Machines are put together by coalitions of employee groups and corporate contractors that benefit from such and such obtaining and keeping office. My dad used to say that once a bureau gets started it, it soon becomes nearly impossible to do away with it. As it grows, the size of employee groups and contractors depending on it's continuance and growth grows also;so it becomes increasingly hard to abolish it. Jefferson was very afraid of government growing into an increasingly parasitical organism. General interest would be about fairness;whereas special interest is about priviliege. The developement of aristocracy seems inevitable whither the government is officially called a monarchy, a democracy, or a people's republic.

      I receive emails from a libertarian group called downsizer.org. On various issues, it encourages people to send a form letter against or for a measure, plus hopefully a few personal comments to their senators and their represenative.On a pretty small burdget, it has had a fair amount of luck geeting certain bills blocked etc.

      There is a movement to get a constitutional amendment to restrict or stop corporate political contributions. That would be good. I certainly agree with u on Guiliani and Romney. I loved to see Ron Paul tick him off in the debate as Paul said 911 was blowback for 50 years of US mideast policy.Romney is a total snake. I think his dad was a sincere man. In the late 50s, as president of American Motors, he turned down a bonus for a good year saying executives shouldnt make too much money. And those were the days when the highest paid CEO was chairman at GM making about a half million a year. After Paul's primary fight last time, a group of cyber smart enthusiastic libertarians has been formed, and in subsequent primaries will be in place to support Paul or maybe Gary Johnson in 12.

      As for Hitler, after I read that Mein Kampf chapter on propaganda, I can certainly understand a lot more the operation of propagandists like Rush. True to Hitler's formula, Rush repeatedly refers to Obama as "the annointed one" Harry Reed as "dingy Harry" etc. A few years ago, I read "Brave New World Revisted" by Aldeous Huxley, and recall him saying about the page on propaganda in Meinkampf that the rest of the book was garbage, but that page was insightful.That page was written for you and me and Huxley etc.and Hitler's comments on propaganda being designed for the lowest intelligences were reflected in the rest of the book, which Huxley perceived as crap. I have heard some peole say, that they had met with Rush in private, and there he appeared much brighter and more sensitive than he does on the radio. These guys are a bit like bad guy wrestlers.

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      The trouble with libertarians is they do not get elected. I know Democrats are as corrupt as Republicans but Republicans call corruption good management.
      The obscene preoccupation with self immolation was a democratic insanity. Loser Al Gore,always a rich eletist, fell in with the Globalists .Gore cares nothing for the working democrat but is a natural spokesman for globalism. The ruling class industrialists could care less for the middle class,we are just production units to them . They hate modernism as it causes the rise of the individual. Individuals have a tendancy to think for their own best interests and to resist propaganda. Gore is just one example of the traitors to the middle class that have sprung from both partys. Guliani like that slimeball,cultist Mitt Romney are prime examples.They downsize modernism because they want to dominate us. I resist but I cannot see a third party as a solution. A common cause ,one that would activate the entire middle class of all parties, is a salvation. Personal prosperity is such a cause . As Tom has taught about succsusful propaganda it has to be repeated over and over,to the most stupid of objects,in the most simple of terms." Get even", might be such a battle cry.Obama can have it if he will use it. Alone

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