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Under the name of Purity

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  • richard_pendarvis
    Under the name of Purity [ I understand I am a an existential zealot. Disbelief is more powerful than stupid faith. Atheism is the more probable way to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2010
      Under the name of Purity

      [ I understand I am a an existential zealot. Disbelief is more powerful
      stupid faith. Atheism is the more probable way to approach life. I
      attack Jim
      because he is a fraud, he professes atheism but askes for the dumb
      morality of a believer. He promotes the insipid idea of a higher power
      held by some race of good,pius people. He cannot fathom that without god
      we are the lawgivers. Those laws contain power as the recourse to
      disobedience. I refuse to allow him to carry on uninterrupted with his
      holy diatribe. Even the rules of this acedemic prison allows for
      disagreement. His brand of post modernist deconstruction tries to wed
      protestantism with existentialism and it is an abomination, all heart
      and no head. I attack his style because it is deconstruction. The
      existentialists wrote prose and poetry . They used plays to promote
      their ideas and incorporated fine art to reinforce their concepts of
      life. Jim does not build prose or poetry he just rips such work to
      pieces. Wil is another matter. He exists here to win arguments. He puts
      out very little personally and mirrors Jim in a lack of personal
      opinion. He takes no risks and is a cold , quote machine. Essentially he
      is a tactical animal, the perfect Hebrew thought warrior. He does not
      understand the art of existential life as he has never tried it. It is
      too full of risk. He strategises and quotes others. When cornered he
      resorts to hagel and lashes out with profanity. Go back and read the
      starting posts of this group. The same tired arguments were being
      proposed by the same camps of fighters. The rules and moderation of this
      site force its members into narrow dead ends. I go to other groups and
      clear my head of this repetative drudge. When I return it is just the
      same tired crap. Should they call it the list of secound protestsnt
      coming I would just ignore it. However it carries an existential banner
      in blasphemy and I will not give them the honor of carring a noble
      standard. Even the owner will not declare for existentialism, he is an
      agnostic and seldom sees contridiction in his position. I will soldier
      on, I will attack Jim,I will attack Wil,Iwill attack the moderation. I
      have attacked god,who are those punies. Alone ]

      The group in question is one of the many which I myself was banned from
      (existlist), and one of the most notorious idiotic groups that ever
      permeated the troubled waters of Yahoo Groups. Diehards of the Alienated
      Existentialism `philosophy'. You don't have to be daft to
      got there, but if you stay then so will you will become. About it and
      about for ever more, yet getting nowhere in their fruitless chore. The
      time has come the Walrus said, to put lone reason safe to bed, and
      wander in the fields of gold where passion and reason their hands do
      hold, and walk as one in spirit bold in a becoming so sublime, till
      curtail fall at the end of time.

      If you do not bring forth the fruit from within you then the fruit
      within you which you do not bring forth will turn sour and poison you
      whist still alive here on earth. As so too as it is with love. I am not
      in need of love, nor to be loved, for it is in abundance within and
      which never runs dry no matter how much of it you give away, for it is
      eternal and from a bottomless timeless well. All I need is a good steady
      ship and some place to dump the love within me on to. Do you want it?
      For the cargo is no good, nor effective, to me alone. Know Thy Self. Is
      there anything more pure than to give something away for free? For
      nothing to be returned in the so doing of. Nay Sir, you will not know me
      until you know YOU, and also that which you are NOT in the so learning
      of. Take me apart but you will never find me, and nor will your sums and
      equations reveal what is at the heart Man; nor your numbers reveal the
      passions, ideals and aspirations thereof. I AM Ab Aeterno ad Hoc.


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