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Of what Englishman one wonders

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  • richard_pendarvis
    Of what Englishman one wonders [ He will probably fill this meager space with canned heat . There is rumor of a new member and it is so narrow a scope for
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2010
      Of what Englishman one wonders

      [ He will probably fill this meager space with "canned heat" . There is
      rumor of a new member and it is so narrow a scope for one well
      published. The blood of an English Man is welcome. I ask that he
      elucidate what is that interface between science and existentialism that
      might be explored for good use. Perhaps he might know those from
      Slumbergee who know so much about the deep bowles of the planet. We seem
      to have a gas and solids problem. Alone ]

      as on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/neoex/

      Of what Englishman doth he speak one wonders. Not this one presumably
      because I hold no beliefs either, never did, don't now and never
      will. I exist, I AM, and I take what comes in its stride and unfolding.
      The temporal trip is short lived and one makes the most of it, learns as
      much as one can soak in, and then tries do something of worth with what
      one has learned along the way. But we do not all learn the same things
      at the same time and at the same rate. And in so doing then if one can
      leave a few footprints in the sands of time that might be of some worth
      to generations yet to come, then that would be a bonus, and ones
      struggles would not have been in vain.

      So what are you then Sir, one of Scottish decent living in the USA or
      one that personally moved from the shores of Albion to the New World?
      As for me I simply moved from the slums of pre-war London down to the
      beauty and fresh air of the South West of England, (after the shit had
      flown) once called Wessex. So not too big a move. But why move away from
      what one loves, and the ground which flows in ones blood. Those that do
      are welcome to go, and those who wish to come and share it are welcome
      to. So long as they come in reasonable numbers to a tiny island in the
      Atlantic ocean and don't try to change the place to that from whence
      they came. For up with that I will not put.

      As for their ideologies then they can ram them up their rump and keep
      them to themselves lest I give them six foot of English soil or as much
      else as may be befitting their length when laying horizontal in the
      ground six foot under. Shit in their own yard, not mine.

      As for disseminating here (Neoex) the little that I have learned in life
      thus far (seventy two years near on – a mere blip in the story of
      Man, then no, I speak only with those who share an ear for listening.
      Only a fool kicks away at a locked door. But I am happy to listen to
      what you have to say and the reasons for your saying it. I hope that it
      is not obligatory to have to comment on them. For what worth is a candle
      flame in a hurricane. Oh, Sir Alone, just for the record no man is an
      island, and on this world the bell tolls for all of us. They will either
      work together in one accord and harmony, or else reap the harvest of not
      doing so. Though not being written that way, it is the way it is. Or
      else Humanity will not take the next step to Homo Ensophicus.

      Dick Richardson

      aka Merlin of Exmoor, as dubbed by Yanks many moons ago.

      For your information a Merlin is bird of prey up on the moors. Alone;
      but watching. Like the Watcher at the Gates of Dawn.

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