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    Bill, Thank u. Tom ... From: William To: existlist@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 10:30 AM Subject: [existlist] Tom`s tom tom I have been
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      Thank u.
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      From: William
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      Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 10:30 AM
      Subject: [existlist] Tom`s tom tom

      I have been reading Tom`s posts for several months and have come to the conclusion he has had a great deal of historical learning. I hope he is correct in his intrepretations because I generally accept his versions of history.
      As to the progression of organisms in complexity from single cell to multi organ system beings, Mendal, Darwin and Watson and Krick all merge to form a mosiac of evolution that guides us toward an easier existance. Tom found some good Biology somewhere in his training and integrated the knowledge in a most useful way into his personal philosophy. I would say he is the product of what used to be called a liberal arts education.
      His method, less confrontational than my own, works toward concensus while I would just as soon slaughter the bastards. I do not find people malleable except under mortal threat. I liked the Roman idea of assimilation of others, "You are with us or you are dead".
      So I praise the French as they ban the birka. I would give DOD the power to issue Visas from muslim countries. I would remove all special taxation breaks for religions. I would break up banks after they reached a predetermined net worth. I would radically alter the senate by constitutional amendment.
      In the last few days I have had nothing but FOX and it is a lesson in boredom and rage. If you watch their programming you see the far right agenda splayed out across news and entertainment spectra.It is the money grubbing, racist horror that I expected. They are no better than when Newt plucked them from the gutter and brushed the Nixon dust off them. I will enjoy the younger generations flight to the neo,neo conservatism. They will vote to fuck themselves as the ban everything ,ultra conservatives pass law after restrictive law. Our young no longer have the hair for liberal democracy . Let them pay the price for loss of freedom. They are the ones who will not do the hard jobs. Let them be broke, they will not toil for the betterment of others. If you do not have a running account of your life in your head, you are lost.
      Tom seems to have a good, running measure of his tenure and I respect that. Bill

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