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CFP: International Conference on Personal Meaning

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  • Brent Dean Robbins
    Call for Papers - 2nd Biannual International Conference on Personal Meaning: Freedom, Responsibility and Justice, July 18 - 21, 2002 Mission statement A truly
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2001
      Call for Papers - 2nd Biannual International Conference on
      Personal Meaning: Freedom, Responsibility and Justice,
      July 18 - 21, 2002

      Mission statement

      A truly positive psychology, capable of fostering individual and
      corporate excellence and improving the human condition,
      needs to explore new frontiers and network with all positive
      forces of change in different cultures.

      The International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM)
      embraces the above vision. As an international, interdisciplinary

      association, it boasts of members from every part of the world,
      representing many professions.

      What unites the members with such diverse backgrounds and
      perspectives is INPM’s focus on meaning as an integrating
      concept in understanding optimal human functioning and
      organizational transformation. INPM promotes health, peace,
      spirituality, and civic virtues through meaning-centered research

      and applications. For more information, please visit

      Meaning Conference

      The first International Conference on Searching for Meaning
      in the New Millennium was held in Vancouver, July 13-16,
      2000. The keynote speakers included Dr. Yalom, Dr. Myers,
      Dr. Zeig and Dr. Spinelli.

      The conference succeeded in breaking down traditional barriers
      between researchers and clinicians, and between educators,
      managers, and nurses.

      According to feedback, the Conference was greeted as a
      unique experience of sharing new ideas with people from
      different cultures and working together to bring about a
      positive revolution. Building upon the success of the first
      Meaning Conference, the Second Biannual International
      Conference on Personal Meaning will be held in
      Vancouver, BC, July 18-21, 2002.

      Confirmed speakers include Dr. Howard Gardner
      (Harvard University), Dr. Donald Meichenbaum (University of
      Waterloo), Dr. Mary Pipher (author of Reviving Ophelia),
      Dr. James Garbarino (Cornell U., author of Lost Boys),
      Dr. Jeff Zeig (Milton Erickson Foundation), Dr. Alfried
      Längle (Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis,
      Vienna), Dr. Jordan Peterson (U of Toronto), and many more.

      Conference theme

      The theme for the forthcoming Meaning Conference is:
      Freedom, Responsibility, and Justice —
      cornerstones of the good life and a civil society.

      Dr. Viktor Frankl has long contended that freedom of choice
      demands personal responsibility. A just society also demands
      equal opportunities of choice and fair treatment of all

      Never in the history of humanity have so many freedoms been
      won for the individual in so many countries. The challenge is
      how to balance self-centered pursuit of freedom and
      happiness with a community-oriented positive psychology
      of responsibility and justice.

      In light of mounting tensions and conflicts in the world, this
      challenge requires the best minds to consider all the
      psychosocial and cultural factors that contribute to
      responsible actions and justice in the global community.

      Themes relevant to the Conference include meaning,
      optimism, faith, courage, coping, forgiveness, acceptance,
      peace, ethics, leadership, cultural differences, and
      so forth. Thus, the scope is large enough to encompass a
      wide variety of topics, involving different methodologies.

      Submission Instructions

      Title No more than 10 words.

      Abstract No longer than 300 words

      Presentation Types

      Symposia (50 minutes) May include up to 4 presenters.
      Round-table Discussions (50 minutes)
      Open ended discussions of timely or controversial issues,
      related to conference themes.
      Preconference Workshops (90 minutes)
      Presenters incorporate a variety of instructional methods,
      especially participatory, to inform or build skills.
      Paper Presentations (15, 30, or 60 minutes)
      Papers are organised into themes. Papers that do not belong
      to the themes will be treated as posters.
      Poster Presentations (2 hours)
      Presenters will be available for two hours to interact with those

      interested in their posters.

      Sending Materials

      Send all materials as attachments in RTF via e-mail. Indicate
      presentation type and mailing address of presenter. Mailed
      versions must include the completed form, and
      typed copies of title, abstract and biography. Also send files
      containing all text on a 3 1/2” IBM-compatible formatted
      diskette in RTF.

      Submission Deadline - February 28, 2002.

      Conditions of Submission

      Presenters must submit original work which does not infringe
      on the copyright or other proprietorial right of any other
      The author hereby authorises publication of the abstracts in the
      conference program. All presentations will be made in English.
      The author(s)/presenter(s) acknowledge that those making
      presentations must register for the conference and attend.
      INPM does not pay any honoraria except for invited speakers.
      However, for the primary presenter, INPM offers a 20%
      discount on registration fees.

      For more information:

      Derrick Klaassen
      Meaning Conference 2002
      Trinity Western University
      Counselling Psychology Dept.
      7600 Glover Rd.
      Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1
      e-mail: derrickk@...
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