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  • tom
    Bill, I couldn t agree more that war and incarceration have been the 2 growth industries since Reagan. Reagan liked to say When government expands, liberty
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      I couldn't agree more that war and incarceration have been the 2 growth industries since Reagan. Reagan liked to say "When government expands, liberty contracts". However, he obviously excluded the military industrial complex and the police state prison industrial complex from his category of government.When Reagan was in his first years, the huge increase in defense spending was his stimulus. Since 911, there has been attempt to use Islamic extremism as a justification as much as the USSR used to be to spend heavy on the military. My dad used to say that once a bureuacracy is started, it is almost impossible to end it because of the political power wielded by employee groups, and corporate contractors who profit from it's existance.

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      Tom, The drumb beat for war and penchant for hyper security go hand in hand with right wing politicos. They have to keep the pressure on and the fear levels up if they are to keep those huge defense budgets in tact. Building jails and forts are draining this country of the vitality of our industrial production.I would call Chaney the greatest war profiteer in our history. As a political weapon the patriot act has few equils. Is it a coincidence that the bomb attack on the Delta jet occurs just when the patriot act begins to wind down. Remember the budget surpluses when we were at peace,when we traded with others rather than attacked them. Bush was in office barely 9 months when he started two wars and sacked our civil rights . Follow the money, defense contractors and oil companies made vast fortunes while civilian life degraded across the board. Remember Blackwater and Halliburten? The right wing thrives on war and death, they get rich and powerful in such times and the rest of us get the shaft. It is a huge protection scheme that works us like dogs to pay them for protection. Bill Clinton understood the situation and stayed at relative peace. We prospered.
      Obama is attacking the problem from a health reform tangent. He is trying to reaccess a civilian emphasis . The war mongers are screaming that we must start new fronts in Yeman and Packistan.I do not know if Obama can accomplish insurance reform in the face of the terror mongering we are experiencing now. If the democrats keep their nerve and pass insurance reform we could slip back into prosperity before the right wing can start more war and destruction. It is a matter of keeping our eyes on the ball while holding the war mongering pigs at bay.
      I think this president is a clever infighter and I fully support him. I also think we will see more terror attacks which must be punished swiftly and cheaply. The symbolism of that reaction will be more important than the actual damage we inflict. Hang um high and broadcast it loudly. Bill

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