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Cutting to the Chase Tracey

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    Cutting to the Chase Tracey Of all the things there are to KNOW Tracy then I for one must KNOW about one Zillionth of one Zillionth of one Zillionth of one
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2009
      Cutting to the Chase Tracey

      Of all the things there are to KNOW Tracy then I for one must KNOW about
      one Zillionth of one Zillionth of one Zillionth of one percent. Which
      really amounts to FA. The only man who knows how many hairs he has got
      on his head is the man that is bald. The world is FULL of bullshit and
      corruption my dear. And so are governments and so are religions. And so
      are many people. But not all.

      Of course we all at times talk about things which we do not know, (but
      NOT making out that we do know) but in so doing one is only having fun,
      speculating, wondering, playing with ideas, tossing thoughts around. How
      do you get a camel through the eye of a needle? I don't know. It
      would be difficult to shrink a camel down to that size, but I would
      suggest easier to make a bloody great needle that a camel could walk
      through the eye of. It would not be a very useful project though would
      it. And you would not be able to darn your socks with that needle.

      You mention Taoism :- ) In Taoism the one that `knows' cannot
      say. So that aint much good is it :- )))) So what do you do? Ask the
      ones who don't know of course - - same as with any other religion :-
      ))))) And then every one of them will tell you.

      However, if you want to learn maths, or physics, or chess, or music, or
      tiddlywinks, or poker dice, then ask those who know. That is what I have
      always done and it works. At least they tell me what they know. Suppose
      I were to ask a chess grandmaster as to what he or she sees is the best
      move in this situation. If after a while he or she tells me and then I
      say that I don't agree :- ) Now isn't that funny? And a few
      moves later and I am dead !!! :- ))))

      When it comes to human experience all spirituality and metaphysics was
      originally based upon human experience; that experience of going through
      that gap in the universe, through a limbo then on to the experience of
      annihilation, and then a resurrection into a timeless mode of conscious
      existence in a wonderful realm of BEING. There are no people or gods or
      demons there. When resurrected into that mode of conscious BEING one
      redeems what one had forgotten. One gets back that primordial
      understanding. Why does it happen? Because it is needed to happen.

      Where did it all go pear shaped? When people wanted to own it for
      political power and wealth my dear. QED. But is it easy for those who
      KNOW it to talk about it? Yes, same as anything else. What is difficult
      is talking abut the quality of it, that is virtually impossible given
      our limited language. But to talk about what you went through, what you
      found, what you saw, what you knew, is easy; same as anything else.

      The reason why those who DO KNOW will NOT say, is because that with all
      these religions and corruption around there is no point in telling it.
      They would not listen to you even if you did, because they have all had
      thousands of years of being brainwashed by their various religions.

      However, I said to myself **** it ! Tell it anyway. That was my
      choice. And I think it was a good one. The only affinity I have ever
      had with people here is the few who I have found who had also found this
      (not many) and a few people who did not know it, did not care, and never
      worried about such things and who were not full of bullshit. The best
      friend I ever had was as thick as ten planks. Yet I trusted everything
      he ever said or did, and I trusted him with my life. He would never let
      me down. I met him when I was three and he was six. He married an ex
      girl friend of mine, and whom I encouraged him to, not that he needed
      much encouragement :- ) They had a really good life together. He died
      about three years ago. Where is he now? He is gone, and he will never
      be back or exist again. But the life quota of the force that was within
      him will never die. Everything goes back to from whence it came when the
      trip is done. And the shell which existed around that bit of life force
      which made him unique here melted away and he becomes united with the
      whole of that stuff; like a raindrop returning to the sea via the river.

      Oh, by the way Tracey, this group is not about religions, it is about
      Psychognosis. But never mind eh; because psychognosis is not a religion.
      I don't believe it, I don't think it happens, I know it happens,
      because I was there. Simple isn't it. Will it happen to you or
      anybody else? It already has, they have just forgotten it and need to
      redeem that event and the memory of it whilst here. It is a part of
      them. The only way you can redeem it, become aware of it, is to go
      there and get it. But never mind, Homo Ensophicus is on its way. But
      when you find that part of you then you wil just have that - ahh, yes,
      now I see, now I understand again. In the beginnng I was and ever Am. I
      AM - ME.


      --- In The-Psychognosis-Event@yahoogroups.com, "Tracey Below"
      <tbelow@...> wrote:
      > Well, you sure know how to make things "simple". Thanks for that.
      > I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill. I'm going to take your
      advice and
      > keep my reply down to 3 sentences or less. =)~
      > And I understand what you mean regarding "belief" or "opinion" and you
      > sense. In terms of being respectful, people tend to say that as a
      means of
      > showing they're not trying to shove their views down someone else's
      > Does that make sense? =) Now that I think about it, I remember rules
      > one group being laid out in such a way as to recommend people use
      > phrases for the sake of keeping the peace or being respectful. I agree
      > you, though .. don't much care for the donkey syndrome - say it like
      it is .
      > say what you mean and mean what you say. =)
      > You said: . Like sheep reflecting parrots through a glass darkly.
      > Laughed so hard, made my cheeks hurt! That one's going to stick with
      me for
      > a long time coming!
      > I'm glad you mentioned the speaking vs. not. I always wondered about
      > I wondered if it (whatever IT happens to be) were indescribable or
      > unexplainable, if it were a big secret that shouldn't be shared
      (pearls to
      > swine I've heard used as reference there), or if whomever is claiming
      > 'know' is just full of it. =) Probably the latter, aye?
      > You're pretty good at spotting the BS, aren't you? =) It's certainly a
      > breath of fresh air.
      > The troops are getting restless - better go get 'em fed!
      > Tracey

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