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The Keys to Paradesium

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  • rwr
    The Keys to Paradesium Given that for so many people everything is relative and nothing is really real or really there, and they all have `their truth , then
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2009
      The Keys to Paradesium

      Given that for so many people everything is relative and nothing is
      really real or really there, and they all have `their truth',
      then this email and what is said in it, will be utterly irrelevant and
      contain no meaning and no truth at all. And fortunately they are not all
      like that. But, anyway, so be it; and for what this may be worth.

      There is indeed a paradesium to be found, existed within, and thus
      known. Like anything else it can be talked about, remembered, and
      described. But how does one get into that during a lifetime here? What
      is needed to do that? What are the keys that unlock that dimension of
      mindful existence and awareness? You could try asking the bishops and
      the popes and the clergy of each and every religion, spiritual or
      metaphysical group, cult, whatever. And what will they tell you? And no
      doubt they will tell you what is there, what goes on there, and what it
      is all about. Yeah eh :- ) Like hell they will. But what is needed,
      what is required, to get in there?

      All that you and I can talk about is the little that we each know from
      experience about these things. Without any experience of it all then one
      should keep ones mouth shut and say nothing at all. Tis also a good idea
      to keep your mouth shut when you do know something about it. But that is
      a personal choice of course.

      Also one must add that one only ever need go there once during a
      lifetime. Twice would be utterly pointless, because nothing changes
      there. Where time does not move things do not change. So one would
      learn no more the second time than one would the first and only time.
      And once does the job of what finding that place does. And one cannot
      buck that. The effects of finding it may well be different for everybody
      who finds it, and that will be dependent upon their previous life, their
      past experiences, thoughts, feelings, understandings, culture maybe, and
      what have you. But that does not alter what it is, it only alters what
      it might do to different people finding it.

      Given also that the sum of the depths and departments of our
      subconscious minds (or souls) are so complex and mysterious then there
      is plainly more to all this, and the triggers (keys) than simply of what
      we are each consciously aware of. We are talking about the effects from
      deep and mysterious causes. Ipso Facto. And the truth is that I
      don't know. But I know a few things. Maybe as we evolve and learn
      then we will come to understand more about those bits that we do not
      know at present. And that would sure take a long time and a lot of
      experiences – weird experiences. For one is here talking about the
      mechanics of the mind and the subconscious. None of this will be found
      by studying a body, a brain, a book, or the stars. One is studying LIFE,
      Consciousness, and Being. And of course, cause and effect.

      First and foremost what is that place, that realm, that paradesium? The
      answer to that is simple and plainly known whilst there IN IT. It is the
      ground of BEING; conscious life, and KNOWING. Where is that place?
      That to is also easy to tell, and axiomatic when knowing it. It is at
      the bottom of the pile of life. The ground from whence it comes. The
      well or spring of LIFE. (see the WELL analogy that I did years ago –
      and also The Leaf on the Tree).

      So, how does one journey back there during a lifetime, and how does one
      get into that realm which is beyond the barrier of time and change?
      Well, I described the journey many years ago; and I did it quite well
      enough. But when that journey is done and one is at the `gate'
      of the barrier of time, then how does one get in there? It is not done
      by you or I, for at that point we are unconscious and know nothing of
      what is going on. So that eliminates one hundred percent of all the
      bishops and guru's. They cannot know. (pass this on to them – if
      you have the guts).

      But there are some things that we can know. And one of the most
      important things of the lot to know is as to what triggered the
      beginning of that journey to it. I will tell you what they are. It is
      initiated by a deep real empathy and love. An empathy and love of what?
      Beauty, and Love itself ! QED. Beauty and Love are two faces of the
      same coin. They are the same thing; and seen and known here on earth
      maybe as two things. But in that paradesium beyond the barrier of time
      they are the same thing. And I AM THAT. They are IN ME and what I am
      made of. ( [I] also means you of course).

      However, this stuff is not reaching the surface of consciousness among
      all people here is it. The `water' is NOT flowing up the pipe.
      So the real question is NOT how does one get in; the real question is
      what is one doing to prevent getting in. You don't have to do
      anything to get in. It is so natural and it just happens, there is
      nothing to be done.

      But, if one wants to get personal, then what is your existing empathy
      with love and beauty? Is it pounding in your guts day and night? It sure
      always did in mine from day one. Going back there is only finding what
      this stuff is and where it comes from and why. But, all that is ONLY
      personal. It has got nothing to do with world out there.

      However, finding all that is not what it is all about. Knowing all that
      is only the beginning of a far greater journey; a different journey. A
      journey of finding that it also applies to all that stuff out there
      – the world, the universe and the cosmos of all things that exists;
      everywhere and every when. Thus, it is more than just personal. It is
      universal. Paradesium is for kids. The Cosmos of all that is, is for

      But during a lifetime, study yourself; study beauty, study life, study
      everything which you can get at. But above and beyond all that FEEL IT !
      It is the feeling it that takes you home. You are born with a ticket to
      ride. If you don't use it then that is your choice. It is not
      compulsory. It seems to me that, to put it in simple every-day terms,
      That paradesium attracts those who are using the stuff of what that
      place is made. As in going home to get a refill of the stuff. That too
      was said in the books decades ago. Waste of time writing it all
      wasn't it. Waste of time and effort. I must have been a soft touch
      and stupid. Anyway, use what you have got to the full, and you will get
      more of it. The well never runs dry. Oh yeah, and if it is hate and
      ugliness which is your meal then you will get more of that too.

      Dick Richardson.

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