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Re: How can I be in two places at once?

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  • Mary
    Tom, Not a bad approach actually. In a manner of speaking, that s what we do with the multiple interests in our lives. We try out certain concepts, and if they
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      Not a bad approach actually. In a manner of speaking, that's what we do with the multiple interests in our lives. We try out certain concepts, and if they don't serve us well, we discard them. For years I tried to 'prove' or make practical use of my psychic experiences. Now, anytime I visit those 'stores' I'm disappointed with how poorly they performed.


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      > Maty and all,
      > I have thought if we are having parallel lives, if we got a chance it might be good to do what chain stores do. If certain lives were unprofitable, first we might try to make them profitable and if that didn'tr work the next best bet would be to attempt to close the lives that are losers.
      > Just a wild thought I wanted to share.
      > Tom
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      > The idea of 'being"'in more than one space and time is interesting and challenging for discussion. Scientists and mystics each have their special jargon, but perhaps 'reality' can be expressed in more common vernacular. I think that what we call consciousness is not a discreet entity but a dynamic between ourselves, others, and our environment. If you can accept that, and the fact that we are thus entangled, parts of us are always in other spaces at other times. Also, written language, art, and images are preserved via audio-visual media and distributed throughout time and space. This present technology, the internet, enables this dynamic quite obviously. Aren't all physical elements interacting and being in more than one specific space-time? What about light? What about holograms? Are we more than our words and images? Doesn't our communication technology reflect that very desire, to be in more than one space-time?
      > Mary
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      > > How can I be in two places at once?
      > >
      > > (for the psychognosis event group)
      > >
      > > How can I be in two places at once? This, I guess, is the question in
      > > which and where the Protophysics of The Mystical experience meets the
      > > Physics of the world of Time and Space. The only problem being is that
      > > The Mystical experience does not address physics or anything found and
      > > known in time and space. So, something of a minor problem there to be
      > > sure. But, of course, problems are for overcoming are they not. This
      > > does not mean that I have overcome it all - dammit !
      > >
      > > However. In The Mystical experience I am THERE, not here. Or one should
      > > more correctly say that I AM there, not here. And as I have said enough
      > > times before, `I' does not know anything about this world or even that
      > > I (this bit that is) is here. Yet this bit out here in time and space
      > > consciousness (me the personality) knows that I am here and that bit is
      > > there and that there is another bit of me in the middle. Weird eh.
      > >
      > > But, I (not I AM) is here, on earth in time and space and not there in
      > > the other place. So how come? What on earth, and elsewhere, is going on?
      > > These are among the questions which I was asking myself in 1964.
      > > Unfortunately I am still damn well asking more of them, and not getting
      > > very far alas. Maybe that is why others in the past decided to call it
      > > Mysticism, for it is not only axiomatic but the rational discursive mind
      > > cannot quite wrap itself around all of this in terms of a full
      > > compression. Well, not yet anyway; but give us time. Oh sorry, just
      > > remembered, we have already got it haven't we; also axiomatic because I
      > > exist in it here. Seems to be an abundance of it too. But to say that I
      > > exist in it does not mean that I AM exists in it. Hence, on the face of
      > > it then it seems that I exist in two places, and the same time. Odd
      > > that.
      > >
      > > However, there is an even bigger problem to get ones head around in that
      > > there is a third bit, the middle bit, for I found another place too, a
      > > place where three kinds of roads all meet up (the Circuminsession of the
      > > Trinity). But just before they did then I was in THREE places at the
      > > same time-fascinating ! It gets odder and odder doesn't it. As outlined
      > > in the Double Vortex of Emanation Theory.
      > >
      > > So, what gives? What is going on and how? How can I be in two places at
      > > the same time, or even three? Hell, I need a fag and beer for that one!
      > > But what is the actual problem enshrined within? Well that also seems to
      > > be some kind of trinity ball park too. Plainly, there are three active
      > > ingredients here in this mixing bowl; they are Consciousness, Gravity,
      > > and Light.
      > >
      > > But before going on one has to mention that one is not actually
      > > experiencing being in two place at the same instant, let alone three
      > > places at the same instant. Why? Well, that bit is tied up certainly
      > > with consciousness, and maybe also gravity. Because self consciousness
      > > (here in time and space) can only experience being in one place at a
      > > time, not two or three simultaneously. However, even that is not cut and
      > > dry, for there is a rare event in time and space in which that other
      > > consciousness (the bit from the first place) is actually existing here
      > > in time and space, but it is experienced as through the consciousness of
      > > time and space (the me which is here). This I call the Reciprocal
      > > Convergence, or the Consummatum Incarnate event. But that only happened
      > > once and lasted for about one hour here. But that too was axiomatic and
      > > unarguable. And yet, it is as though a part of it lingers on and is
      > > also here all the time. This seems to be wrapped up the sensory
      > > enhancement thing, or what somebody else calls the potentiation of
      > > Latent Sensory Development. You can see why it is all mysterious can
      > > you not. Only the Pope knows all the answers and is infallible; -)
      > > Well, apart from the other two geezers for whom he works of course.
      > >
      > > However, I do not think it is a case of either me or consciousness
      > > existing in two (or three) places all at the same time, but rather that
      > > one bit is always there (except that there is no always but only NOW
      > > there) and that the other two bits are, well, kind of stretched out bits
      > > of it in an emanation vortex of energy. Maybe like stretching a piece
      > > of rubber out. But in this case stretching out consciousness (cognitive
      > > life) through THREE DIMENSIONS.
      > >
      > > Where physics goes wrong is in trying to find all the answers to Life,
      > > Being and Consciousness, in just one dimension; this one of time and
      > > space. And they never will; for that is only one third of it all. Where
      > > religion and priestcraft go wrong is in existing at all. So, we can get
      > > rid of all that junk. Where psychology goes wrong is in not knowing much
      > > about anything at all. Still, even that is infinitely better than
      > > religion and other la-la land products.
      > >
      > > Anyway, my wife says that I have got to go and have my dinner now so I
      > > (and hopefully we) will have to get back to this again later. But you
      > > can see why I want to find my screwdriver so I can start to make my
      > > space/time/dimension machine. Well apart from the natural one which I
      > > have got already needless to say; you know, the one which I did not
      > > make. The questions of existence are easy aint they. Well, so fools tell
      > > me anyway. One day I might graduate to being a fool. I will have dinner
      > > and a beer first however.
      > >
      > > Dick Richardson
      > >
      > > Somewhat lower in the hierarchy than a fool.
      > >
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