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Go tell your Bishops and Guru’s to get lost.

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  • rwr
    Go tell your Bishops and Guru s to get lost. Go tell your Bishops and Guru s to get lost, and to go get another job because they are frigging useless. And they
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2009
      Go tell your Bishops and Guru's to get lost.

      Go tell your Bishops and Guru's to get lost, and to go get another
      job because they are frigging useless. And they can only stay in
      business and ply their unholy trade because YOU let them. Without you
      they are nothing, other than just another man or another woman in the
      street. And if the truth is known they are probably feeling more lost
      and lonely than you are. What would they be without you? And their
      goddamned religions have been the worst virus and divisive tool in the
      annuls of human existence; and from them the world of humanity has
      inherited mountains of pain and rivers of tears; and seas of blood.

      Oh yes, there is an eternal paradesium to be found sure enough. And did
      you know that YOU are the only one in it? Whilst you are in it that is.
      And whilst you are in it time does not move, so it is eternal. But you
      cant stay there because there is nothing to do. Life is not brought
      forth manifest to say in the womb of Eternity. This earth, and others
      like it, in time and space, is the place for you, and me, and all
      manifest life forms. For here we can do the stuff, get the job done, and
      even fulfil life itself. Gawd these bloody gurus and bishops don't
      understand a frigging thing, not even themselves dammit ! And they drag
      you down into their mire by your letting them do it. And they have even
      charged you a fee for redemption the swine's, and look at their
      palaces on the proceeds. Don't be fooled any longer by them.

      I tell you, there is nothing, no man and no god, which stands between
      you and that eternal paradesium. It is yours already, it is where you
      come from and what you are. It is the stuff you are made of. You are
      not star stuff you are the stuff of eternity. Your body is star stuff,
      but not you. You are a divine wonder, and all the gods and demons would
      envy you. But there are no gods and demons to envy you, so forget it and
      get real. And when you leave here then you will go back home to from
      whence you came. All things go back to from whence they came eventually.
      How do I know? I know because I am made of the same stuff as you are,
      and come from the same place as you do, that is how. One can pop home
      for a visit whilst living a life on earth. But it does not matter, what
      does matter is what you do on this world whilst you are here; for you
      have to make it; and make it work.

      The environment is provided for you and me, gratis; but the environment,
      the world, is like a house. A house is not a home until people live in
      it and make it a home. So, are you going to make it a happy home or a
      miserable home? The choice is yours. Nothing can make that choice for
      you. Nothing will make that choice for you; it is down to you. And not
      only that but you can change your mind about that at any time any day,
      whilst you are still here. The only reward for making this world a good
      place to be is that others will then live on it that way. You will get
      no reward for this in heaven. There are no rewards. But that is the best
      reason in the whole of existence for doing it – because you are
      doing it for the love of what is here now, YOU; and it could even be
      better tomorrow. No reward is the best reward there is. Because that is
      the profundity of your actions and your power. You are empowered such.

      So, whatever you do, make sure that you listen to YOU; and listen
      carefully, for it does not talk. But you can FEEL it. You cannot see it,
      you cannot touch it, you cannot smell it, you cannot hear it, but You
      are there. But you can FEEL it. If it makes you feel good then that is
      good, if it makes you fell rotten then that is good too; for all such
      feeling are a directional motivation. Good feelings pull in the
      directions which you are going, and bad feelings are pushing you from
      behind; but in the same direction as the good feelings are pulling you.
      The middle bit of you is doing a push-me-pull-you job. So study it well,
      and learn from it. You don't need bishops and gurus for all this,
      all you need is you and life, and you have got both of them now already.

      The real enduring part of you is that part which is the I AM bit in
      eternity. And if it could speak, which it cannot, then it would say to
      you, "I am with you always, even unto the end of time and
      beyond". It is so, because it is what you are. But because the we
      here are made of three parts then do not get confused and think that
      they are something else, something different, something alien – it
      is all YOU. In thinking that you will only alienate your self from your
      SELF. Thus you will be split and divided. So, as the old housewives used
      to say `pull yourself together'. Get all the bits working as
      one, and going in one direction – forward and onward, and into our
      yet unknown in time and space. Tis good; and tis good to be. You and I
      do not know what tomorrow will bring, and that makes you better than all
      the imagined gods, because we go there whilst not even knowing what
      tomorrow will bring. That is bravery and courage my friend.

      Priestcraft and gurus have stolen all this stuff from you, they have
      attributed the divine spirit of Man to something else, something which
      does not exist other than in their lies a stupid imaginations. And they
      have tried to make man a quivering jelly of fear; so that they can then
      sell you a remedy to make you whole again. They try to sell you
      something which is already yours. But you and life is better and more
      amazing, and more mysterious than all that garbage and corruption. You
      can do that and prove that in your actions here, today, and tomorrow.
      And civilisations of tomorrow start here, today, by way of what YOU do.
      Ipso Facto. Here is life my love, do with it what you will. But try to
      do it as the incarnate reflection of what you are in eternity. And
      therein is the Dignity of Man; and real love of real life. And both of
      which are an eternal mystery. Oh yeah, how did I (and you) manifest out
      of the stuff which paradesium is made of? I haven't got a clue. I
      just did because that is what that stuff does; what it is – it is
      LIFE stuff. From no thing created did the stuff of eternity come into
      being. In the beginning I was there, lie a child in awe and wonder.
      Before the earth came forth; before the stars did shine, I knew that I
      AM, and all this was mine. What reward could outshine that!

      But keep in mind, and keep it to the forefront of your mind, that the
      thing which we are in eternity did not fashion itself nor bring itself
      forth. Nothing brought it forth, and it never WAS brought forth; it
      always IS. Was and when and then are temporal time coordinates, not
      eternal stuff. Nothing constructed in time can go beyond the boundaries
      of time. Only that which comes from beyond the boundaries of time, and
      thus not made in time, can go back beyond time. Back to where it came
      from. You were not made in time. Consciousness was not made in time.
      Love and beauty were not made in time. But these things exist in time
      just as they exist in eternity; they are from eternity ad hoc; and when
      they are not in time then they are ONLY in the paradesium of eternity.
      Know your SELF. A life not studied is a life wasted.

      So, the next time a bishop or guru crosses your path, say to them, away
      with you laddy, and play with your marbles or go paddle in the shallow
      waters at the side of the pool of life and eternity, for I have work to
      do and a life to live. Know what you are and where you came from and
      why. And when you know YOU then you will know me. And there are no men
      and women there – so enjoy that bit here and go frolic in the fields
      of gold with a lover whilst your time here lasts; and use it well and
      use it wisely. For thou art divine my friend, and we are all cosmic
      twins; from eternity for this purpose. And when you combine love with
      intelligence – then we will be away to the stars and permeate all
      that space out there; and shine a light where there is no light as yet.
      We are just beginning.


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