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Probably the best and truest line ever

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  • rwr
    Probably the best and truest line ever The heart that has truly loved never forgets But as truly loves on to the close As the sunflower turns to its god when
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      Probably the best and truest line ever

      "The heart that has truly loved never forgets

      But as truly loves on to the close

      As the sunflower turns to its god when it sets

      The same look which it turned when it rose".

      Indeed, love is totally unconditional. No critter can turn it on for
      themselves nor turn it off. It cannot be faked, it cannot be negated, it
      cannot be denied. It brings life to the lifeless, joy to the day, hope
      for tomorrow. Without love flowing through ones whole being then nothing
      is worth a light. It is the only thing which I can know a lot about, yet
      not have a clue. But, if ever you find that you love just one thing, no
      matter what it is, a single rose maybe, anything, then seek what that
      love is while independent of that thing (hells bells I found that) and
      then you might find that you find the same thing in so many things.
      Emptyness is only that place were love does not flow. But if a zillion
      things are full of that love then it can reach everywhere and permeate
      all the frigging places that there are. Innit. Beauty is the
      recognition of Love, Love is the recognition of Beauty, Truth is the
      affirmation of what is so. Three faces of the same thing. A trinity in

      But it is a trinity enshrined with a duality. The duality of the I and
      Thou. Without Thou there would be nothing for I to love. But the
      duality is due to self consciousness, for without self consciousness
      there would be no Thou. Think about it. But even that duality is all a
      part of one thing. That is why I could not stay in the paradesium of
      eternity; because I was alone there; there was only I. And love had
      nowhere to go and nothing to love. So I got the boot ! But where I
      landed there were a zillions of things to love. I, and Thou in
      abundance. Clever isn't it ! From no created thing I arose, and then
      there was you.

      Well my dear, if god is love then I must have given birth a quite a few
      million gods over the years; they just ooze out from the juices. Hey,
      does that make me the mother of god ? :- ) I cant have babies for
      heaven sake. Yikes, I would not fancy that job. Glad I am a man in
      which case. But I hear tell that it takes two to tango ;- ) Maybe when
      technology gets really good then women will not need men. But I think
      they will nonetheless ;- ) The funny thing about love is that it never
      loves itself, it always has to be something else which love loves.
      Innit. And it never judges what it loves; for it is unconditional;
      always and ever more. So love is blind. Well, the geezer who wrote
      those lines must have known it too me thinks. They know more than all
      the bishops, and all the gurus under the sun. And they know what is
      worth having. And it is FREE ! Tis you.

      Merlin if Exmoor.

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