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Religions Ideas and Reality.

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    Religions Ideas and Reality. Subtitle Mystics and Religionists. Perhaps the ultimate tool, device, weapon, in the armoury of priestcraft and churchianity
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      Religions Ideas and Reality.


      Mystics and Religionists.

      Perhaps the ultimate tool, device, weapon, in the armoury of priestcraft
      and churchianity (diabolical politics and mind manipulation writ large)
      is to take one of their better known characters and pronounce them as a
      mystic. The world of the followers of priestcraft and religiosity then
      has a firm idea of what a mystic is supposed to be whilst at the same
      time the secular world also rubbishes them as insane lunatics of a
      retarded manifestation of homo sapien life form. Thus, misinformation
      taken to its pinnacle. This form of operation and its execution is far
      far more clever than murdering people, and far more effective than
      eliminating dissenters from their diatribe of corruption and lies. So,
      there the battle for truth begins. This then, if ever I get the time
      and opportunity to do it, will have to be the core thrust of the third
      volume of Psychognosis and the Dignity of Man. Not that it is wasn't
      in the other two volumes. But maybe I can do it better.

      If time does not allow the opportunity for this, and which it may well
      not, then so be it; for others will take up the same batten one day, and
      due to the same motivational drive. For in all conscience one cannot
      stand by and do nothing in the face of this obstacle which hinders and
      obstructs the further growth, development, and awareness of Man, and our
      place in the scheme of things. To ignore an atrocity and do nothing is
      nothing more than to condone it. Exactly the same as it is in politics
      and the instigation of social policies by which we live together on
      earth in our daily lives here.

      The essential core crux of the problem here being that of the
      manipulation of ideas in juxtaposition to what human beings actually
      find in life. Religions, all of them, from way back in antiquity to the
      present day, are not affirmations of life and what we find, but simply
      man made sets of ideas, now called belief systems. And hence for the
      masses, something to have a faith in, and which they then call truth.
      Well, it certainly seems to be the case that it is true enough that they
      choose to believe it. But what they choose to believe in does not equate
      with the nature of reality, nor even that much of it which we do in fact
      find, and live through. The world, life, consciousness, the existence of
      things, the protophysics, physics and metaphysics of Man, and all
      things, are not ideas, they are extant phenomenon. And they are there to
      find and to know; and to live with.

      Throughout human life on this world there have been those who have made
      mention of such things, and such things as they had found. For whatever
      reasons society did so they became known as mystics, assuming they ever
      spoke or wrote down these things that is. But, you cannot have mystics
      on the one hand and priestcraft and their religions and ideas on the
      other hand. So which one wins? Which ones get a message across then?
      Plainly the one which the mob decides to follow and back. And they
      certainly don't follow and back the mystics, and they never did.
      Maybe they never will. Why? Because the mystics do not offer them the
      sum of all knowledge, nor present them with all the answers, because
      they don't know them, nor do they offer a salvation which the fools
      have been brainwashed to believe that they need. And the church leaders,
      any church or cult mob gathering, are the self chosen vehicles for the
      dissemination of truth, and as revealed to them by the magic milk jug in
      the sky.

      The rational opponents and dissenters of all this hogwash, such as the
      materialistic aspects of both general society and the scientific
      establishments, needless to say hear the words mystic or mysterious, or
      even that of protophysics and metaphysics, and bundle them in with the
      dead head religionists; and in so doing they wash any remnants of truth
      out with the dirty bath water of the latter. And thus it is, even unto
      this day, as yet anyway, that the worlds genuine mystics have to walk
      alone and fly in the face of all aspects of present day humanity and
      today's cultures and paradigms. Will it ever end? Oh yes, it will
      end one day; but not for a long time yet to come. But the real mystics,
      and being pragmatists also, are not looking for the end (they already
      found that) they are merely looking for a foot hold on this world; not
      for an end, but for a new beginning; and then take it on from there, to
      wherever it goes in the fields of time and space. And their war cry, as
      ever it was and will be, is; Know your Self. For it is a great wonder.
      And within its ground of being is found the eternal dignity of LIFE. And
      Man is a manifestation of LIFE.

      That is not an idea, it is a reality. And as is found to be by those who
      have yet found it. And those who have found it do not think or believe
      that they have found it. They know, and they are living from it. They
      have no interest in yesterdays world, but only that of today's and
      tomorrow world. And you cannot have man made religions and the truth of
      the nature of our being as it is found to be; for they are not the same.

      So, the trade of priestcraft or truth as it is found to be? Which one
      is for you? One of them has to go. Which one would you erase? And as
      for the truth of life and yourself then there is nothing preventing you
      from searching for it yourself. Perhaps other than priestcraft. And they
      cannot stop you. But if you have any common sense at all then you will
      realise that you cannot live life by proxy by taking the word of
      anybody. So find it for yourself and don't let anything get in the
      way of your searching for it; alone. Props, crutches and beliefs are not
      need. Nor drugs of any kind. And faith is a game played by fools and
      cretins to lean on. And also modern day politics as yet of course.

      Share this with your acquaintances and let them think and feel for
      themselves. They can find within them what it takes to do that. For it
      was there from the beginning. And on seeking you can only find what is
      there; not what is not there. But what is there is more than enough; and
      it does the job. Know your Self, in all its aspects of being. And the
      Mind of Man is the meeting ground of inner and outer dimensions.
      Psychognosis means the Knowledge of Self. It is not just a word or an
      idea, it is what is; and it is there to find and to know.


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