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Egalitarian Principles

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  • rwr
    Egalitarian Principles I was not there obviously so I cannot vouchsafe it but evidence seems to suggest that the most egalitarian society that has ever existed
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2009
      Egalitarian Principles

      I was not there obviously so I cannot vouchsafe it but evidence seems to
      suggest that the most egalitarian society that has ever existed was that
      of hunter gatherers in antiquity. They seemed to have worked together as
      a cooperative and then shared the dividend of that work equally among
      them. The study of human history provides no evidence that this was not
      the case; and observation of the societies that exist all around us
      today would seem to prove the case emphatically that equality has never
      existed since those times.

      Egalitarianism is the principle, and the practice of it, that all people
      are treated equally and have equal opportunities, and irrespective of
      the obvious fact that we are not all born equal owing to the variations
      of the very forces which shape our individual being. The result of the
      latter being is that there are no two human beings the same. But the
      mere fact that no two human beings are the same is the very fact which
      can make a society and a civilisation work in the first place and thence
      hold it together. He can do this, she can do that and I cannot do either
      of those things. But I can do this or that and neither of them can, so
      we pool the sum of the abilities to make it work. Simple and effective
      – Egalitarian Pragmatics.

      Let us for the sake of the argument then assume that by and large at
      least, tribes of that nature at that time operated under what we now
      would call an egalitarian principle. That being the case this would not
      have been due to some deep philosophical pondering and a moral
      conclusion, nor based upon some metaphysical revelation, but simply due
      to the pragmatics of survival. Such as to say that they must have been
      at least intelligent enough to realise that if they worked together and
      shared the dividends of which then they would not only get the job done
      easier but they would survive because of having pooled their individual
      potentials and resources equally. Survival of the group was the pay
      cheque. They did not do it to get paid at the end of the month, they did
      it to survive here. Cooperation was not a philosophical ideal, it was
      intelligent action taken in order to continue existing here. Why have
      babies if it wasn't working? It worked. If it had not have worked then
      you and I would not have been here today.

      Will civilisations as we know them today and operating under the
      plethora of principles and ideals that they do today (whatever they are
      in the sum of their overall effect) survive? No. It is utterly
      impossible; and because it is the complete opposite to egalitarian
      cooperation. Does it matter that civilisations of this nature and
      operating this way, will become extinct in due course? No; tis a good
      thing. If Humanity does not live here in accordance with the very forces
      that shape our being and survival here then the result of which is
      inevitable; and their demise makes potential room here for whatever does
      operate that way. In the meantime they will charge you for the air that
      we breath; and laugh all the way to the piggy bank. But they will not be
      laughing for very long. In fact, it seems to me that sufficient evidence
      exists to assert that they are beginning to stop laughing now. And when
      they stop laughing the tears will flow. Inevitably.


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