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Say say go away

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  • rwr
    Say say go away Say say go away, and don t come back another day! Some say this about this or that and some say something else about that or this. There is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2009
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      Say say go away

      Say say go away, and don't come back another day!

      Some say this about this or that and some say something else about that
      or this. There is a whole lot saying things goes on here. Fortunately
      for me where I come from there is no talking. Lucky me eh. Take any
      phenomenon that you have ever encountered, or even those which you have
      not encountered (and which YOU cannot even know the existence of by
      virtue of which), and they will all have something to say about it wont
      they :- ) And what does any of this say say matter a damn – maybe
      other than that of it being light entertainment on occasions.

      They can say what they like about this or that and does not matter a jot
      nor alter the thing itself. But, the only criteria of any worth is to
      find this or that thing and know it for yourself, then there is no need
      to listen to all the say say even if they found a need for listening to
      all this clap trap in the first place. Perhaps one should also point out
      that when you do find this or that then you will not know it by virtue
      of it talking to you. There is no say say in Know Know.

      They say that there are a million stars for every grain of sand on
      earth. But their saying it (true or not) will have no effect on either
      the grains of sand on earth or the number of stars out there. Never
      having counted either (nor having any intentions of so doing) then I
      really don't give a damn which there is the more of. But a grain of sand
      is to found to be a grain of sand, and it does what it does, and star
      is what a star is, and it does what it does, and they plainly aint the
      same thing; (neither are all stars the same thing or do the same thing
      one should perhaps add). Well, at root they may well be made of the same
      or very similar stuff, but that don't make them the same thing or do the
      same thing. Ahh, men and woman and kids are the same thing – apart
      from the differences of course :- ) Viva la differences ! Oh yeah,
      they all say say what love is too don't they :- ))) There is no need to
      say, for you will know what it is when it hits you :- ) But don't ask
      those whom it has bypassed as yet, for they will not know what they are
      talking about. But they will still have a lot of say say about it :- )))

      "Oh but five thousand years ago he said….." !!! And the frog said
      burp burp; and the frog he did a wooing go; and irrespective of saying
      burp burp before he got on with it and did what froggies do ! Oh, and
      watch out froggies for Frenchmen eat froggies, and then they say yum yum
      – in French of course :- ) I remember when I worked in a chocolate
      factory for about eight months – and got paid for it too :- ))) You
      were allowed to eat as much chocolate all day as you wanted to; but you
      could not take any home with you. Fools! Who the hell would want or
      need to take it home with them when you could eat it all day :- ))) They
      used to search you on the way out. But they never found mine; because it
      was in my tummy. Yum yum ! When I first started there they ALL said
      that I would soon stop eating it. Man, were they so wrong !!!! And we
      shared the products of our work every day, and whether they liked it or
      not. Say say go away ! Just tell me what you know – if you have to
      tell me anything that is; and assuming that one has something to tell
      anyway; other than hear hear say say. Ewww, do you lot know what Vera
      Fragglebottom said dearys? She said that the Lud said 'Oh hell' !
      Nah, Burt Twistedknee said it was No Ell, you daft sod ! Oh no Mo, that
      aint right, it is said by the ancient goblins that the Lud said Go well.
      Nope Sybil, the Lud said, Oh well. Oh no, Jack Twiddlefinger said that
      is all crap, the Lud realy said Go to hell. Oh no Fred, the geezer is
      mute and he said nuffink. Guess he knew you lot woud say it all.

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