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Re: [existlist] Knuckle walker palm walker

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  • tom
    William, The longer I live, the more aware I become of propaganda, but who knows what propaganda I am not aware of. I grew up hearing of Nazi and Soviet
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      The longer I live, the more aware I become of propaganda, but who knows what propaganda I am not aware of. I grew up hearing of Nazi and Soviet propaganda. I guess I was grown before I realized the US also has propaganda. In a totally totalitarian country the state has absolute control of media; whereas here a variety of soft power is used. GE owns either NBC or CBS. Certainly GE has incentive to slant things toward war, because they get many dollars from defense contracts. In the last hundred years and even more so in our lifetimes, newspapers r increasingly owned by a few huge conglomeates etc. And of course schools are either public schools with govenment funding, or operated by religious sects etc.

      Hell I am only beggining to understand how Pearl Harbor wasn't out of blue, why US ships were attacked by Germans before WW1, and even though in college a history professor told us Spain didnt sink the Maine I wasnt sure till about 6 years ago.

      Orwell had it right, and Justic Douglas said the decline of freedom is like the day getting dark in the evening, it so gradual that it slips up on u.

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      I know I have written about this program before but it keeps reappearing. It is about the incestuous mutation of a family in Turkey. Tom, you need see this as it is propaganda worthy of Goebbles. First they relate the mutation to incest and suggest that is ordaned in the Koran. The freek show is really first class, these are some ugly mutants. It appears they palm walk which is distinct from knuckle walking. Palm walking is very old and was the locomotion we used when we came down from the trees. It is very easy to link these traits and see a being that needs to be irradicated. Inhumane,inhumane, I remember the Nazi propaganda films as they loaded the trains to the ovens.
      This was on NOVA and the science seems sound ,it is the polotical inference that holds the dynamite. The deep mind hooks are being planted, there might be a show coming. I am not suggesting this gives us any right to wipe people out. I am saying that show can easily be intrepreted as drawing some line of humanity. That line ,they surmise, is erect posture. Erect posture comes way after palm walking so the gene for palm walking is very old. If they relate devolution to incest allowed by isalm the door is open to an ultimate solution. Is this one of historys great decisions? Up the knuckle walkers,down with the palm walkers.
      You see science is too slow to answer this. Philosophy ,who do you love, gestalt philosophy is inadequate.
      So I saw the propaganda film again and it hit harder than last time, there had been some updates with the ties to Islam reinforced. The quadriped footage was cleaned up and it was just a disgusting production. It does its job so why has it been set running? Bill

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