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  • William
    ... For many years I either was security or was crossed ways with it. I do know it is nearly impossible to learn the motives of an enemy bureaucracy by its
    Message 1 of 17 , Oct 25, 2009
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "shadowed_statue" <hecubatoher@...> wrote:
      > Mary,
      > All my efforts to describe clearly my own existentialism have been politicised by the struggle here and the torture of state/amateur espionage that I have described in my recent post (49697) "Far beyond Kafka". To write under these conditions is indescribable. Those who are listening have nil interest in the clarities of philosophic thought, obviously. Still, I complain, and then I will complain no more. That is power, my dear. I have never had any power, and am somewhat of a quietist. Too upset to write more.
      > Louise
      > Your first mission,soldier, is to survive. As Patton so clearly stated" Let the other poor,dumb, son of a bitch die for his country".
      For many years I either was security or was crossed ways with it. I do know it is nearly impossible to learn the motives of an enemy bureaucracy by its actions toward you. Only the most bumbling and rank amateurs proceed with such exposition. From what I have heard from the BBC they are not incompenant and they have survived a long time. The enemy of my enemy is my friend has not always been the case with me. Operatives do just that, they operate for another but do so under cover. I have never been good at picking the pig as I am a pathetic liar,riddled with catholic guilt . If someone in high places is pulling your chain greater circumstance must change to gain your relief.
      I am impressed by Jims exposition on the members on the list. I have been highly critical of him and it comes from my depiction of him as a snivling acolite. His writing is now much better than that as I begin to appreciate his keen perception. Who or whatever turned him up remains to be seen. His recent posts have been BBC quality script.
      Here it is just raw money grubbing blowing out of boiler plate political rhetoric.
      Here I set,a capitalist in operation, attempting to get someone else to pay my medical bills. I can only handle these strange juxtapositions for a limited time. I keep telling myself to be happy we are arguing rather than planting roadside bombs. That the debate is of such ad hominum psycho pablum does not help. Then I do not yearn for the old days when The Cold Stream Guards sent an emmisary to inform me of how they deal with terrorists. We had a brisk conversation and I never saw him again. I must have convinced him I was not in the IRA. Sure,Bill
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary" <mary.josie59@> wrote:
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      > > Louise,
      > >
      > > What I've gathered from existentialism so far are two main concepts: subjectivity and power. The former concerns alterity and the impulse to objectify others: the latter relates to politics or joining groups to affect change.
      > >
      > > Since I'm nearly apolitical and loathe to generalize about people, I'm left with a rather contemplative sadness regarding racial awareness. To be oblivious to the sensibility and subjectivity of others seems the height of bad faith when one appeals to the right of free expression.
      > >
      > > Perhaps I'm simply unclear of your leap from awe to the political.
      > >
      > > Mary
      > >
      > > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "shadowed_statue" <hecubatoher@> wrote:
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      > > Mary,
      > >
      > > My impression is that you and I are very close in matters relating to
      > > contemplative awareness, the deep human things, and a long way apart
      > > politically. There is a similar contrast has recently revealed itself between
      > > myself and Tom, where we are quite close in matters relating to human sympathy,
      > > but a long way apart in our view of what respect constitutes, in the context of
      > > philosophical discussion. The current thread about democracy might be a better
      > > place to think about political questions relating to race. Your questioning
      > > here puts me in contemplative mode - especially since I have romantic views of
      > > empire, and do not feel a sharp distinction between the native British and the
      > > immigrants from the former empire, in relation to questions of 'exploitation'.
      > > I am referring here to personal experience. The poor, and the better off, are
      > > exploited in various ways, and immigrant groups are often just as resourceful,
      > > or even more so, in defending their interests, as the natives. So I wonder if
      > > in this context 'racial awareness' is nothing more than 'visual awareness', a
      > > sense of difference, the particular kind of respect which is awe, a most
      > > contemplative phenomenon. The rhetoric of politics is so crude, so brutal, in
      > > its characteristic cliches of oppression that the fact of our participation in
      > > the natural world, the beauty and fascination of that, is overlooked from the
      > > start.
      > >
      > > Louise
      > >
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