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If you don’t seek then you don’t find.

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  • rwr
    If you don t seek then you don t find. It has been said that those who seek will find. But this is not true. What would be nearer the truth to say is those who
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2009
      If you don't seek then you don't find.

      It has been said that those who seek will find. But this is not true.
      What would be nearer the truth to say is those who do not seek will not
      find. But if you do seek then may or may not find. But millions of
      people do seek for `understanding' this or that, but not many of
      them find it, and most go through their life not finding it – just
      read them and listen to them, and on groups just like this. They argue
      about things that one heard kids arguing about in the school playground
      sixty years ago, and it goes on and on and on with them; and they come
      out by the same door as in they went – none the wiser.

      However, even to say that those who do not seek this or that will not
      find it, is not true either, because many people seek nothing but find
      it anyway – and don't I know it. But even there one has to be
      very careful and give it a lot of thought. As a little boy I was asking
      questions all day every day. But there was nobody around to ask (the war
      was on) and I could not read. So, I was asking myself questions. And lo
      and behold in due course things popped up and I learned a thing or two.
      But often I found things that I had NOT been asking questions about. But
      sometimes I did find thins I had been asking myself about.

      One typical example is when I was six and I asked myself the question
      (seemed a good question to me at the time) was – `Given that
      consciousness exists, and which is axiomatic, then what exists for
      consciousness to become conscious of'? And I was amazed at the
      things which turned up to become conscious of. Sure, this is all going
      on on the inside, within consciousness not the outside (also sometimes
      it was seen in the physical world around us, but often not). But you
      will not find consciousness out there; for it is a inside job. However,
      in life all we ever have is conscious experience of things, so
      experience is all you ever get no matter where you and that
      consciousness is existing at that moment – whether it be on earth in
      a pub in time and space, or in that mysterious Transcendent and timeless
      `paradesium' where not only is the world not there but whilst
      there one cannot even remember ever having been on a physical world, and
      one cannot remember time and space ( because time does not move there in
      this it eternal state and dimension of consciousness) and one cannot
      even think (because it takes time to think) and there is no personality
      at all – just pure primordial consciousness; the I AM phenomena.
      So, chew the bones out of it. I did for the next twenty years. But I
      lost that battle.

      So, what exists for consciousness to become conscious of? Go and find
      out. But does it make any difference to ones normal daily life? Yes, it
      has great and lasting effects; not least of which is that we learn much
      about the deeper nature of our self; it enhances the quality of normal
      daily life, and it works on that ting known as sensory enhancement, (the
      awakening of dormant sensory potential) and it makes one think deeper
      and better than one ever did before. So, subjectivity is not a waste of
      time, and neither is any kind of experience, for experience is the food
      of life by which we grow and become the more that we can become on earth
      in time and space, becoming on earth more than we were before it. Living
      here as with that quality found in the timeless ground of our being.
      When talking about evolution one should also bring into the conversation
      the evolution of our own individual growth and learning and also the
      same applies to society itself; for there is no such thing as society
      devoid of the sum of the individuals that make it up. Existence (or
      creation if you want to call it that) has an inner and an outer; an
      observer and the observed. A life not studied and analysed is a life

      Gnothi Seauton. For a part of you also exists in eternity. We are made
      of three parts, and the Mind of Man is the meeting ground of inner and
      outer dimensions. It is all there to find. Know Thy Self, for when you
      do you simultaneously also know that which you are not. You cannot know
      what you are NOT until you first know what you ARE.

      What are you? Where do you come from and begin? What are you doing here?
      How best to go about it whilst here? And when done then to whither do we
      go? These things are NOT for believing, they are for finding out and
      knowing, and it is all there to find out. You can never know these
      things from books or hearsay, you have to live through it. And some do.
      But if you heard them before knowing these things then would you not
      laugh at them? And would you recognise one if you tripped over them in
      broad daylight or lived next door to one? No, you would not, for it is
      not possible. Are you not ab aeterno ad hoc? That is for you to find
      out. Because somebody telling you that you are or are not is not going
      to prove a thing to you either way. You have to know for yourself. Thus
      know your SELF for yourself. You cannot live by proxy.

      Does any of it matter? That is for you to cast judgment upon. But
      don't judge life, both the inner and the outer, until you know it;
      and know of what you are in primordial essence. For only a fool would
      cast judgement upon something which they did not know.

      Anyway I must go into lurk mode now and get on the fictional novel. Good

      Dick Richardson.

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