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North American Indians

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  • rwr
    North American Indians Re Bob s email. (not old Bob from our mob who still seems to be in Romania). When I was a teenager I was into so many things that I
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      North American Indians

      Re Bob's email. (not old Bob from our mob who still seems to be in
      Romania). When I was a teenager I was into so many things that I cannot
      name them all – just about everything :- ) But one of the things
      that I did was to get books out of library on the history of ALL the
      N.A. Indian tribes, and read the lot of it. Naturally I can hardly
      remember any of it now; but the essence of it is still all there in my
      grey cell.

      I cannot think of any tribe of people on earth whom I felt such a deep
      affinity with, and still do. Over the years I have been fortunate enough
      to come to know quite a few of them (by email of course – not in
      their native home) and many of them have written to me on reading the
      books which I did.

      I earliest record which I have of anybody saying (which I also say, and
      did before I read this) was written or said by an old injun (as we call
      them here) which said thus…

      The highest form of spirituality on earth is politics. And I could not
      agree more. I will not bother to explain here as to why. Robert the Bob
      says that in metaphysical terms they were giants. I would not argue with

      However, we do live on this planet and have to learn so much and use so
      many tools, so we not only have to study ourselves and our metaphysics
      and the deep subconscious (which is what I do) but we also have to study
      physics, the world and all that stuff out there; and also make good use
      modern day technology and understand that lot as well. Existence has
      both the inner and the outer, the found and the yet hidden, and it is
      ALL ours to seek out, explore, and come to learn about, and gain some
      understanding from it all.

      Whereas Robert the Bob uses the word `religion' then that is not
      my thing; learning is my thing and asking questions and seeking things
      out. But I do use the word metaphysics a lot and have always been deeply
      interest in it and consciousness studies. Let those who wish to dwell in
      ancient books do so, none of my business, but what goes on in the world
      IS my business, for I and my kids have to live it for a while. I could
      live with modern day injuns OK :- ) But I like it here on Exmoor and so
      I aint going no place else :- ) Mind you, a weeks trip to the Andromeda
      Galaxy would be fun, but we are not up to that yet. Maybe tomorrow.

      Dick Richardson.

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