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Re: The Sacred Ground of Man

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  • rwr
    [ Dear Merlin, That was one of the most moving and beautiful things I have ever read! You have stirred my consciousness of the Ground of Being with these
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2009
      [ Dear Merlin,

      That was one of the most moving and beautiful things I have ever read!
      You have stirred my consciousness of the Ground of Being with these
      words. There are many words you have written also which have touched my
      soul so deeply as there is no one that can portray in words the union of
      the Self as well as your descriptions. Thanks for all you write and I
      will surely spread this piece far and wide.


      DeLana ]

      Dear DeLana

      It always makes me smile, whilst at the same time getting me so angry,
      that with all the people whom I have met who have known this totally
      transcendent aspect of our being which is so revealing, so profound,
      life and mind enhancing; that among all the physicists, other
      scientists, great artists and musicians, university lecturers, the brain
      surgeons et al, and also those having known other aspects of this which
      are also life enhancing and sensory enhancing, that it takes a mum and
      a working housewife to be an activist, and to get the message out there.

      Also, generally speaking woman seem be less scared of emphasising
      emotional intelligence – maybe it is because they are mums and are
      more tuned in to the profundity and beauty of life itself. I always felt
      that woman should take over the world, that would also make it a better
      place to live. And whilst women do all this men play with philosophy
      and religions; and other forms of war and alienation. Ah well, such is
      the state of human evolution as yet. But it will get better when both
      men and women become one active force for bringing out all that which
      makes life here worth living for. They seem to be far more beautiful on
      the inside as well as the outside; but society does go out of its way to
      brainwash men into becoming gormless hedonistic flag waving booze
      drinking empty headed bloody morons by and large. When men and woman
      become one it will be a better world to live on.

      Sure, I have tried to get the message out there too, like you have, and
      a few other woman I have known (and yes there are a few guys too) so
      maybe such blokes have a few more female hormones or whatever it takes
      to love life :- ) So my dear, when they write a little epithet upon
      your stone then let them add the words here rests the carcase of one who
      was an activist for a better and wiser world.

      PS. When you post it then also post this, my reply, to your reply along
      with it. That will stir it up a bit and ruffle some well groomed peacock
      feathers :- )

      Much love

      Dick Richardson.

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "rwr" <dick.richardson@...> wrote:
      > The Sacred Ground of Man
      > and the
      > Quest of Discovery.
      > rwr
      > To find that there is not only a Sacred Ground of Man in the very
      > origins of our being which gives Dignity to Man and the state of
      > but also to discover that there is even a perfect resolution to it all
      > in the physical forms of life on earth – is not enough. Moreover,
      > this was not my quest and neither did I go looking for such things;
      > it just came about that I found them, and for reasons I know not why;
      > and there is nothing to ask as to why or how; so, as far as I am
      > concerned it just happened, and even though there must be reasons why,
      > and which I do not know. However, none of that was my chosen quest.
      > My own chosen quest was the endeavour to paint a picture of it, albeit
      > only in words because that is all I have to use. And that did not come
      > easy, for I was not good with words anyway. But why even be motivated
      > go on a quest of making it known, albeit only by way of words, for one
      > cannot give it to another. I suppose, on the bottom line, it was to
      > and give hope to others that there is some meaning to life, a reason
      > it all, a value to it all, a worth to it all. And that value and worth
      > is simply to live in such way which gives credit to what we are and
      > whence we come.
      > But in order to do this, and paint this picture in such a way that
      > it as it all really is found to be, then one has to destroy so much of
      > that which obscures it and falsifies it or even denies it. Thus, a
      > hatchet job. Nobody will ever be popular for doing that; for
      > dies hard. But is it worth it? Was it worth it? The answer to that of
      > course is yes, for it is worth it to ones own dignity and integrity to
      > try and do it, and even if the doing of it achieves nothing elsewhere.
      > Thus the dignity of knowing that one tried ones best.
      > To give back to Man its own spirituality, and which cow-tows to
      > is, well, maybe just a dream that will not happen. But it might
      > It could happen, and it should happen. Man is already established at
      > alpha and omega of LIFE, and dead central to it all. So that is not a
      > goal to be achieved, for it is already so, already done, and always
      > so. So one does not have to achieve that which already is so. But what
      > one does have to achieve, and which is the hard bit for us, and me,
      > you, is living like it. Living as a worthy vessel in regard to what
      > vessel contains within it, and what it is. That is the hard bit, and
      > that too is a quest in itself. Maybe the ultimate quest that could
      > be undertaken by choice; and the most difficult ever to achieve.
      > The irony is that one does not even have to know these things by
      > them, as did I and others, in order to live that kind of life which is
      > at least worthy of what it is. For one can simply choose to do that.
      > Moreover, if it is so difficult even for somebody who has found these
      > things, and knows them, to live that kind of life which ultimately
      > justifies that worthiness of what it is, then how much more difficult
      > for those who don't know it and have not found it. And yet it takes
      > little observation to see that they can and they do. Now, methinks
      > is the greatest wonder of all the great wonders which I have ever
      > On occasions, and when being totally exasperated by the work of trying
      > make these things known, I have resorted to yelling – `Well just
      > live as though you had found it; and then that will do, for that is
      > that is needed'. Easy to say, not so easy to do however. But they too,
      > can at least try. True, it helps to live it if you know it, but how
      > more worthy, and dignified of the spirit of Man, to at least try to
      > it when you don't know it. The end product of life is to how well you
      > live it. And that is down to nothing other than you; and your choice
      > actions in the world. Perhaps one should end on that note; and the
      > that there is power in the word to paint a picture of the Sacred
      > of Man.
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