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  • tom
    Bill, I perceived Bush 1 as a carryover of Reagan as far as policy, but lacking the charisma and charm of Reagan. I have heard some say that as VP, Bush 1 was
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      I perceived Bush 1 as a carryover of Reagan as far as policy, but lacking the charisma and charm of Reagan. I have heard some say that as VP, Bush 1 was the tech and Reagan the front man. The one thing I remember the Bush 1 presidency for mostly was that every spech I heard seemed heavily focused on the war on drugs. Ironically, when Clinton took over the war on drugs no longer was a big talking point. However, arrests for pot increased at a much faster rate under Clinton than Bush1. The other item of interest for me during Bush 1 was that I understand that prior to attacking the Kurds, the guys at the US embasy were asked by Iraq about the position of the US should Iraq attack the Kurds. The US told them it was not the policy of the US to interfere with mideast disputes. When they attacked, of course the US attacked them. If Iraq had been told this would happen, I doubt they would have attacked. I'd guess the fact that a few years before during Reagan, Iraq had attacked Kurds and US did nothing was another reason they thought they could attack without US action. The whole thing certainly appears to me to have been a setup.

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      It is like dejavous all over again.For many years I just worked, I produced and I consuumed. It was work hard,play hard and I was the pragmatic hedonist. It was a hard and busy life that just went on and on. I did not like Nixon and I did not like Reagan but I was too busy to be active against them. Carter and Clinton were neutral to my world and Bush 1 actually praised me. Bush 2 was an entirely different case. I spoke out against the neocon stupidity on this list and other forums. We are still in jepardy from neocon lies and blunders but our leadership is now in sound hands.
      Therefore I have said little about polotics and in many ways I have returned to the lifestyle of my salid years. I expend all my energy at work. It is not as much production as before but it is all I have to give. I go to bed exhausted and have little consideration for the mascinations of the senate banking committee or the four star in command in Afganistan. To some degree I trust this administration to follow a rational course. It is not that I want to have faith in any polotician but my agenda leaves me with no energy for political discourse.
      Today I get a day off and as I listen to the despicable Orin Hatch on a anti aboortion rant I feel again the distress of a citizen in opposition. Even Tom Delay lurks out there, making a fool of himself dancing like an idiot. Out of power the neocons are as disgusting and dangerous as ever. I will attempt to keep one eye on the mad believers on the far right. So with my nose on the grindstone I will glance over to check on that ship of fools.Now I know I am not invincible. Bill

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