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Re: [existlist] Theoretical searching

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  • tom
    Hi Bill, As I understand it, different theories are devised in theoretical physics that would explain certain phenomenom, and as time goes on these theories
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      Hi Bill,

      As I understand it, different theories are devised in theoretical physics that would explain certain phenomenom, and as time goes on these theories are tested against physical occurences in the universe that happen to determine their validity. Einstein didnt like quantum theory, but I understand it has stood up pretty well with various measures. I suppose that the deeper science goes into investigating the microscopic or the macrosopic, the more we find patterns of energy insteads of just inert matter. I certainly believe the more open our mind is, the more able we will be to understand the new. And of course, for every question answered, we will get many new questions.

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      Tom, The recent post regarding Hercules was meant to note the ceaseless adventure of theoretical investigations. I agree with you that National Socialism was a failed socialogical experment. But we learned, even in that chaos. Les Paul delivered his electric guitar ten long years before the Gibson manufacturer would build and market one. Some still think rock and roll is a sin.
      I am against the dictatorship of the status quo. I am for the experiment, for the thrust of evolution, warts, false starts and all. I think of myself as a rat in a maze, bumping into impossible barriers over and over again .
      So when I diminish string theory as being a false start it is because I see it as an impossible leap into nothing. I would like to be proved wrong, perhaps as much as I would like to play electric guitar. Something will spin off the high energy experiments, perhaps something as wonderful as rock and roll. It is the scumb, stuck in their own feces that I affront. The ones who will not dream or experiment, will not think to risk, are the ones I deplore.
      So start the supercolliders and let the speggifacation begin. I think of the French in line for the falling blade, some visionaries in that line knew even their death was a step forward. Bill

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