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  • louise
    ... It is not easy, in retrospect, to make sense of this post. The occasion for its writing is my continued inability to put any trust in the concept, *mental
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 7, 2009
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "louise" <hecubatoher@...> wrote:
      > Has been involved in so many misadventures. Was tracked across several continents by government agents supplied with a coded message, divided in two in an effort to shake off a couple determined amateur sleuths who learned their trade in a series of all-night TV and video sessions, fuelled by cheap lager. Questioned by police in adjoining cells at a makeshift holding camp on the Mongolian-Siberian border. Reintegrated by remote shamanic influence secretly commissioned by Sufi activists in exile, acting under orders from their spiritual masters in Tehran, the name persisted in its wanderings. Erroneously reported as crucifed in Ulan-Bator, then re-emerged into the full glare of local publicity at an undisclosed location in Uttar Pradesh.
      > Meanwhile, back in prosaic climes, accepted, with surname, on application forms and cheques, yet proving a recurrent liability at an existential site in which the controversy of mental illness has seemingly always resisted due philosophical enquiry. Reported to have survived a prescribed dose of hemlock, an extra-judicial hanging, and an apparent suicide attempt foiled by men claiming to be police constables acting on a tip-off. Counsellors are currently advising the name on how to divide in three for maximal self-protection. The explanatory key is with-held for the protection of the innocent.
      > L
      > OUI
      > SE
      > What use, after all, is a name, in the midst of a controversy about race which is side-tracked into issues of skin-colour and differential modes of persecution?
      > I AM a European, gazing toward Russia. Geryon roars at my back. Desist. In silence is the fulfilling of the Law.
      > Ardent Fantasist
      > ... questing for Sophia

      It is not easy, in retrospect, to make sense of this post. The occasion for its writing is my continued inability to put any trust in the concept, *mental illness*, which has always baffled my every attempt to investigate its meaning. Underlying the incoherence is an awareness that my confusions are rooted in the blurring of good-natured forms of bad faith with loss of subjective care characteristic of certain forms of dementia. It seems to me that the academic (psychiatric) concept of mental illness is not at all identical to mental malfunction owing to objectively verifiable brain disorder, or to significant loss of capacity. In fact, I am referring to the possibility of a different approach, with scientific rigour, toward aberrant behaviour that typically does not fall into the category of 'criminal'. Even purely economic considerations might motivate such enquiry in the near future, since the incidence of depression alone has reached epidemic proportions worldwide. Is it not arguable, at least, that the social intolerance and persecution of aberrant behaviour generates psychosis, and that such a thesis does not receive serious attention because, in cultures where science and technology flourish, religion still endures so powerfully, even under the guises of humanism and atheism, words which are not easy to define? In relation to personhood, name attaches to social identity, and the loss of identity may be traceable to various possible causes. The confusion of imagination with subjective belief is a common human error, a reminder of how psychology and its related disciplines lack precision in the absence of philosophical critique.

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