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Before Creation Was

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  • dick.richardson@ymail.com
    Before Creation Was Before creation WAS, I was there. I AM. Conscious of existing. But I was there in nothing created; ONLY I was brought forth and extant.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2009
      Before Creation Was

      Before creation WAS, I was there. I AM. Conscious of existing. But I
      was there in nothing created; ONLY I was brought forth and extant. But I
      existed in nothing. No created thing was there, and only me brought
      forth. Thus I existed in a void; an emptiness; and with only myself
      alone to know it. Then there came upon the blackness small dots of
      white light, and I could see them all about me; in front of me, both
      sides of me, and behind me; all around me these dots of light existed.
      Coming and going, coming and going. Then they amalgamated into a union
      which brought forth constructed visions manifest to my consciousness.
      And my consciousness was no longer empty of content – there were
      other things manifest – thus I and Thou. IT and Me. We danced for a
      duration, and we danced both separate and in union. Part and counter
      part becoming as one. IT was I and I was IT, and in so doing there was
      no I and no IT; only WE. And it was good that there were TWO. I was no
      longer alone with NO THING CREATED.

      But still at this point creation had not become permanent; and I knew
      this. After which transience ended, and Eternal Paradesium came upon the
      scene. And I was there, like the first watchman at the gates of dawn,
      and ever in delight, and love, and wisdom. But I knew nothing of things,
      only the Essence and deepest Principle of all things. And after a
      duration of no duration it came to pass that Eternity, for needs must,
      had to be gone from my consciousness of IT, and I was projected into
      Time and Space, and changing events. And wherein I learned about things.
      But I discovered that all things contained the Principle and Essence of
      Eternity within them, and they were all made of little dots of light. As
      it was in NO THING, and also as it was in the Paradesium of the eternal
      NOW, then so too was it in EVERYTHING extant. Consummated in form, in
      Time and Space. And the dance goes on, from Eternity for this purpose;
      in Time, as it is in Eternity. And I AM the first child of both Time and
      Eternity, and brought forth to know this Symphony by being a part of it.
      The part that KNOWS. The Lover of the Loved. The Knower of the Known.
      And I AM Eternal; and I will be with you unto the end of Time and
      Beyond; and I will never let you go; for you are Mine. Let us make Man
      on Earth in the temporal reflection of what we are in Eternity. It will
      be so done.

      Sell this to the Priests of Darkness – for this is true !!!!

      Come along you Mystics, tell of it; explain it, paint the picture for
      them. If you cannot then question the depths of what you are yet aware
      of – before judging others. And when becoming aware that there are
      things of which you are not yet aware of, then with dignity and
      humility, go in search of them – for they are already yours. There
      and waiting for you. Those who cry will one day laugh; and those who
      laugh at this will one day cry. Wait and see.

      Merlin of Exmoor.

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