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Re: [existlist] Essential and extant

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  • tom
    Bill, I read a Jefferson quote where he said what does it matter if your neighbor worships one God or 12 Gods if hes a good neighbor . About 5 or 5 years ago,
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      I read a Jefferson quote where he said "what does it matter if your neighbor worships one God or 12 Gods if hes a good neighbor". About 5 or 5 years ago, I read of a Baptist minister running for a position in Indianapolis as a Libertarian. He said "if they can take away their beer cans, they can take away our bibles". The essence of dogma is the ability to use force to crush alternative views. For over a 1000 years, the Holy Roman Empire burned dissenters at the steak. Stalinst Russia dealt with disenters from Communist Dogma by putting them in gulags etc.

      In the mid 80s, I heard Joseph Cambell speak at University of Memphis, and I recall Cambell saying that the youth rebellion against Nam was unusual, since earlier generations were conditioned to accept without question such things.Recall the line from the "Charge of the Light Brigade" "Not for us to question why. For us to do or die". Of course, the incompatibility of individual freedom and continuous military endeavors is one of the main reasons Jefferson and Washinton believed in friendship with all, trade with all, entangling alliances with none. Obviously, military efficiency does favor one cortex and everyone else the cerebellum. If u look at the numbers, the Nazis had a very effective military machine for the men and resources they had.

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      Tom, Your final Einstein quote is relevant. The line between sanity and convention is a function of human freedom. Our system, at its Jeffersonian roots assumes personal freedom more important than doctrine or belief. You can have beliefs and slave to doctrine but it will only make you less competitive, more at risk. It is an honest rewards system and endures as such. When intelligent individuals find themselves faced with systematic failure they may at first check their basic sanity but passing that basic test the system must be suspected. Boomers were taught by their militarily imprinted parents that the system was the equal of the divine right of kings. It was not to be questioned and was to be obeyed. Most of them were and still are ignorant servants of false gods. Then again the system has worked for them but they are almost gone.
      It is time for the philosophy to change. It will happen to we medium old, but we have an existential duty to bury the excreta of our predecessors. I would think of that as being a laudable goal that might redeem our despicable image to the other generations. We have explained what we did , now we must show why, why we rebelled, why we forced change on a static system. Why the system was then and still is a sham of mystical beliefs and non rational prejudices needs to be explained. I see modern existential philosophical concepts as are evolving today in europe to be a vanguard assault on the future. Bill

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