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Essential and Extant

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    Essential and Extant Not sure where to begin with this email, but if ever I get it write then it will be the most important single email which I ever did –
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2009
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      Essential and Extant

      Not sure where to begin with this email, but if ever I get it write then
      it will be the most important single email which I ever did – not
      necessarily the best written however and alas, for one needs moments of
      inspiration for that :- ) And I aint feeling inspired right now.

      Extant, as I use that word anyway, means stuff which exists and that at
      least we know of which exists. I do not know what I do not know, but I
      know enough for today. Essential is the word I use to mean the stuff
      that one cannot do without. As in food and drink is essential to stay on
      this world – but that is not what I mean by Essence. In order for
      any life manifestation to manifest and exist there has to be a
      `program' a life force substance or whatever it is made of.
      Thus, the life force is Essential and all the life forms are extant.
      However, it is not as simple as that. An essential part of ME has to
      exist within that life force for ME to exist, and irrespective of where
      and when I exist; or in whatever form. Self consciousness HAS to be ME;
      for that is how it works and comes out that way.

      So, take the life force within me away (which I AM in Essence) and I do
      not exist. So it is Essential. But take the extended extant form of me
      away (this bit here and now bashing at the keyboard) and I still exist
      in the Essential mode of being. But you wont find me. I have no control
      as to whether that essential part of me stays or goes – that aint my
      call or my problem, and I don't mind either way; but I do judge it
      good TO BE. But that is by the by. What calls that tune? I don't
      know. Not bothered much either. What do I believe it is? I don't
      hold beliefs; either I know something or I don't know. End of
      story And still so much yet to learn (unlike Guru's who know it

      However, we are plainly made of three parts (it may not be self evident
      to you but it is to me because I have been there IN THEM – I did not
      want to go there by the way). So the first bit is the Essential bit and
      the third bit is the extended Extant bit – the bit which has been
      smoking for 65 years :- ) So there is "i" and "I". But
      what about the middle bit? Ahhh, begorah the sub conscious and the
      bridge over the river Styx, or the connection pipe twix time and
      eternity, it be mysterious.

      But, and here is a big but, and we have to come to perspectives now. To
      exist IN the soul/subconscious, (the middle bit) is NOT a perspective
      and understanding on life. But to exist IN the Essential IS a
      perspective on life. So too is to exist on this world a perspective on
      life (the temporal and extended part of life). Now, to get a full
      perspective one MUST have both viewpoints and then combine them. To know
      paradise and not this world is a half empty jug. To know this world and
      not paradise is another half empty jug. Put the two half empty jugs
      together and you have a full jug. THAT is what I mean by a wider
      perspective. But added to that the view of what this world itself is in
      Essence, not as it is seen with the `normal' five outer senses.
      If anybody argues with this in the form of negating it then they can go
      to hell, for I know what I am talking about; I have been living it for
      years. They cannot take that away from me. And I sure did not invent it
      – it is not an idea, a belief, or an hypothesis, (words which they
      are addicted to - like their books and silly beliefs) it is revealed,
      lived in and known.

      Now, for things to be the way they are then of course all the parts are
      needed (including my feet) and are thus essential in that sense –
      needed for the job. But it should be plain enough that I use Essence
      with a meaning of an essential principle which cannot be extracted
      without extracting creation itself, or whatever you want to call it.

      As to whether anything could exist without life then I don't know,
      and nobody can ever know that, for in order to know anything you have to
      exist. But then again it does not make any difference, for all the time
      (and no time) that I exist then existence exists. I will be with you
      always, even unto the end of time and beyond. But in the Essential mode
      of being one KNOWS that life is dead central to all existence. Take it
      or leave it; makes no difference, because THAT (among other things) is
      what one KNOWS there. I AM central to existence. So come to know YOU.
      And then get both perspective from which to judge from. Keep in mind
      that all you ever get is LIFE. So learn about it – and the central
      bit which is YOU.

      If you do not agree with this then tell it to the birds, or give it
      thought. You cannot agree with it until you know it. And better still
      look for it, for it is all there to find. You are the same as I am: and
      I AM. Why should something be revealed to you if you do not even make
      the time and effort to look for it? And you will not find me (you) by
      spending your life in books, for I aint in there. Peek-a-boo, here I AM
      – dead central to all things Extant and Essential.

      Dick Richardson

      © 2009

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