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Re: [existlist] Assault on pleasure

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  • tom
    Bill, Thank you for your appreciation of some of my ideas. Certainly, much of the hostility and fear of the mideast toward the west is the fear of the impact
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      Thank you for your appreciation of some of my ideas. Certainly, much of the hostility and fear of the mideast toward the west is the fear of the impact of a relatively more open society and critical thinking disrupting an organic society and traditional thinking. I certainly believe the far east was in the same position for many years. We grew up with the assumptions of American superiority and a good bit of condecension toward Asiatics for their lack of material progress at that time. I can remember when"Made in Japan" implied cheap but very shoddy goods with little durability. We came of age with TV shows like Bonanza with Hop Sing the cook. However, in the 70s it all changed. Japanese cars like Toyota and Honda displayed a durability and dependability far beyond any thing the big 3 at that time could match. As more Asiatics migrated to the US, it became obvious that their children tended to be at the top of their classes like Jewish students. IQ tests were finding that people of Asian descent scored higher than Caucasians, particularly in spacial relations and mathematics[abilities that predispose people toward science and engineering}.In world wide testing of students in mathematics and science, places like Korea and Japan score at or near the top.
      Looking at the historical situation from the vantage of 2009, it certainly appears that the delay in the arrival of the industrial revolution in the east was not caused by the populations having less intelligence. The famous "Tale of Two Cities" quote"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times" is very pertinent to benefits and losses entailed in organic society with traditional thinking transforming into open society with critical thinking. Japan was isolated from the rest of the world, until Admiral Perry came into their harbors on a battleship in the 1890s. I guess the blowback of that 50 years later was Pearl Harbor. Likewise the unsuccesful Boxer Rebellion against the UK by China motivated the Chinese to become more technological and probably made the revolution 50 years later by Mao more likely.Looking at the mideast from the perspective of the transformations in the far east in our lifetimes, it may be premature to be too sure of anything. One thing is pretty certain though, that historically nobody likes invaders occupying their countries. This was as true in Ireland under UK's thumb for so many centuries as it was for Afghanistan invaded by the USSR in the 80s and Afghanistan and Iraq currently occupied by the US.

      Since I have been online since spring of 01, I have certainly begun to see much of the propaganda to which we were conditioned. A person could make straight "A"s in history, because they are feeding back the answers given in their history books, which tend to reflect nationalistic propaganda ;whereas, being online exposes us to a number of different links which give different perspectives. I don't so much see the history we were taught as total lies as much as I see it overemphasizing provocations by other countries to the US that led to war, but not mentioning actions the US had taken to provoke them. We were told that the US entered WW1 because Germany was attacking US ships, but we were not told the reason they were doing so[because the US was heavily involved in bringing ammo to the UK,who Germany was fighting]. Likewise with Pearl Harbor. We grew up thinking of the Pearl Harbor attack as totally unprovoked; but the more you research it, it becomes more evident that the US had been provoking Japan since the mid 30s with everything from US naval maneuvers near Japanese coasts to the moving of the US fleet from SanDiego to Pearl Harbor about a year before the attack to an oil embargo by US against Japan the previous summer[Japan had been getting 80% of oil from US] to freezing of Japanese assetts in the US around the same time.I have come to believe that we all have a good bit of "Archy Bunker"in us. It is the part that has introjected the mass propaganda of our time and space. However, the web offers a fast track to at least reducing "Archy" a good bit.


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      Damn < Tom, you have some interesting ideas. It seems logical to me that contemporary humans have minds of equality. So when I propose that the Arabs are a culture in decline, I do not suppose that the intelligent of such a people are mentally deficient.Indeed , the stress on a population might force a flowering of innovation or a increase in productivity. In this present equilibrum finding and turning a widget to gold is all that is necessary. This is what living in the fury of king of the hill capitalism has imparted to me. Pay, pay ,pay. It is a sick tyrade that the masters of debt scream to the subconscious .Whats your credit score, Is your mortage upside down, Can you be stressed out of Que ? Threat teaches me who my enemies are . Sometimes I even learn how they think. Those that reduce my pleasure with broken thoughts have wasted my time . I try to remember such things. Bill

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