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  • tom
    Bill, Of course, Obama is making some efforts to reduce the tensions between US and Arab world. I get the impression that most Arabs are not real hot on the US
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      Of course, Obama is making some efforts to reduce the tensions between US and Arab world. I get the impression that most Arabs are not real hot on the US or Alchida. 911 was a terrible tragedy, but it was spun like the Reichtag as an excuse for increased militarization and reducing civil liberties. There has been no evidance of involvement with Iraq and Alchida, yet the mood of the country made it fairly simple for Bush to invade Iraq on false premises. Soros said in affect in "The Age of Fallibility, Consequences of the War on Terror" that we dislike terrorists for killing civilians to achieve their goals, and yet we do the same thing. How many civilians do you imagine have died from the impact of the Afghanistan and Iraq invasion and occupation? In my opinion, I doubt that Islamic people are of one mind on all issues. As I said above, I've heard that most of the natives of Iraq and Afghanistan consider both the US and Alchida or the Taliban in quite negative terms. Who is perceived as the least of the 2 evils probably depends more on who has been involved in killing, injuring, kidnapping, or arresting their family members or extended family members than on docrinaire differences.

      You are certainly correct that no Arab country has a chance without superpower approval. However, the one factor on the side of insurgencies is the ability of insurgents whither In Nam, Iraq or Afghanistan against either the US or before that USSR to operate undercover. I certainly see the possibility of the military developing some kind of mind reading machine to find the terrorists. But if that ever happened, it wouldn't be long before someone would find some reason to use it domestically, and that would really get the Orwellian scenario going.

      Pro military types love to use the slogan of "freedom" to justify aggressive, interventionist endeavors.However, I recently read a quote by Thomas Jefferson saying something was as dangerous to the liberty of the citizens as a standing army. As in Orwell's 1984, I believe there is a strong connection between the degree of militarization and reduced civil liberties and growth of the police state. I have heard it said that the musical wave that became the British Invasion in rock music of the 60s was largely influenced by the ending of the draft in the UK in the late 50s or early 60s.


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      > Bill,
      > I dont think that the Arab world would consider themselves abandoned if we left them. Despite whatever degree of primativeness that they embody, they are certainly aware that we are there to exploit them.Asthe Bob Dylan lyricwent<"You dont have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing". And Arabs aren't the only ones shocked and terrified by moderrn warfare as my recent Einstein quotes indicated.
      > Tom
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      > Tom, They do not have a chance without super power approval. As they have not ingratiated themselves with most Americans,they might consider their position with the people of the US. Surly big oil and Republican government were the public address that no longer holds power in the US.
      Sadly the arabs now let their radicals speak for them. If they made friends with the American people they might lengthen the time in the restoration of their culture. They need time and they might buy it if they chose the better allies. Bill
      > Tom, The Arabs can be compaired to roaches. They seem to come from nowhere and bring chaos and death with their coming. Until the time of WW1 they had little concept of land ownership or nation states. They were tribal and nomadic. They support a very old and simplistic society. They are a small step from hunter gatherer existance as their flocks and raiding add some small demension of more advanced existance. We put such peoples on reservations and more than a hundred years later many remain there.
      > The old rules remain when a more advanced civilisation encounters a simple race. The simple race is subjugated and trampled.
      > The lubricant for Arab demise is and was oil. Puppet governments and strong man leaders posed for civilisation and unlike Native Americans the sham governments in the mideast will be gone when the oil dries up. I do not think there is anything for them to be assimilated into. They will be killed off and revert into the wasteland from which they came. Their heat oppressed existance was governed by strong man rule and could easily go back to ancient norms. I think that is what the radical factions want and they may get it after the oil runs dry. I do not know if there is a place in the future world for the nomadic Arabs. Their area is so barren that few others covet it. The industrious Jews could provide targets for raiding but there has always been more wasteland than Jews.
      > I do not like being the world exterminator but as long as there is oil someone will do the job. I think the Arabs are shocked and terrified by modern warfare and may lose all cohesion before we abandon them. We will abandon them and then they may again camp in Allahs peace. Bill
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