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A Meaning to Life.

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  • dick.richardson@ymail.com
    A Meaning to Life. It seems to me that perhaps the most commonly asked (or simply thought of ) question of all time by most human beings is as to what is the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2009
      A Meaning to Life.

      It seems to me that perhaps the most commonly asked (or simply thought
      of ) question of all time by most human beings is as to what is the
      meaning of Life. Moreover, this never seems to be too important a
      question for them when they are perhaps young and living a good life,
      and without anything much having ever `gone wrong' for them as
      yet. But as soon as things, or something big, goes wrong, or
      pear-shaped then they weep buckets of tears and ask themselves as to
      what is the meaning of all this. And this is where beliefs step in (and
      priestcraft and false guru's) to supply them with a system of
      thought to answer those questions. Or maybe they concoct their own in
      order to fill the darkness of unknowing and lack of understanding it

      Such questions are as old as Human beings and they are part and parcel
      of the perennial questions which have confronted the mind of man since
      time out of mind. And as to how many silly concoctions have been
      erected to address these questions and fill the gaps we can never now
      know, for they are a dime a dozen and they come and they go like leaves
      on the breeze.

      If we ask ourselves questions then it soon becomes clear enough that
      Life does not supply all the answers on demand – or most of the time
      anyway, and certainly not on the mere surface of things. But on just a
      few occasions, and if you look closely, study things, ask questions, an
      answer to this or that question does seem to just `pop up', so
      to speak, and out of seemingly `nowhere', but we find an answer.
      But are they really answers? And if so then are they some kind of
      ultimate and correct answer? And, if seemingly so, then how do you

      So; the easiest initial approach to this is to assume that there are no
      answers and that there is no `meaning' to existence and life and
      that it is all a game played by fools; so do what you like and when you
      like and how you like – kind of thing. The next easiest answer is
      to jump on the bandwagon of what somebody else has said (or supposedly
      said) and accept that package as the definitive answer. Like a remedy
      off a supermarket shelf. The next easy answer is to invent your own; and
      stand by that. But there comes a time in life when all this silly
      irrational game playing becomes boring and kids stuff to the point of
      abject nausea, and seen to be a cop-out to the nature of reality and our
      own integrity. And so it goes, and depending on where one is yet at.

      Up to a certain point in Life it has been lived among such symbolic
      constructs and lies that even their thinking and approach to it is
      conditioned by all this – and hence they ask the question – what
      is the meaning of life. But only symbolic things have a meaning –
      the rest has a purpose and function in existence; as does everything
      which exists. True enough, you and I do not know all the answers; we do
      not even yet know all the questions. However, the simple fact that we
      know that we do not know all the answers does not mean that we do not
      know some of them. One must not throw out the baby of knowledge with
      the dirty bath water of ignorance. But how best to ask questions, and
      with regard to what exactly; and what kind of questions? And it is here
      that simple pragmatism comes into effect and plays its important part in
      the scheme of things.

      Hence, I would suggest that folk ONLY ask questions which have as yet
      become justified questions by their own living experience of Life so far
      – and no matter where they are at. Do not ask questions about my
      life, or his or her life (although folk are welcome to do so) but rather
      about your own. Life has given YOU the stuff of experience to digest
      – so digest what it has given you thus far, and ask yourself
      questions about that. Do not try to digest my meal, or his or her meal,
      eat and digest your own – for experience is YOUR food of life.

      I have discovered that on the rare occasions when Life does answer a
      question then it is always a justified question of my own experience up
      to that point in time. I never asked questions of other peoples
      experiences – and certainly not their beliefs which they tried to
      download into me, like demented robots fulfilling a self erected mission
      in life to make everybody in their image. So, do not ask silly
      questions as like what your invented god or saviour wants, or as to what
      Old Nick is trying to do to you – but simply contemplate upon your
      own life experience thus far – let it sink in – and then let it
      do its stuff. There is no rush or hurry for the answer to come –
      for there is all the time that is needed. And while there is little
      going on then simply take the time to observe life all around you and
      within you – and enjoy the view and the trip through existence in
      the meantime. And the answers which exist to come will come in due
      course. There is no rush; so do not worry.

      And as I and others have said a thousand times before, when you come to
      know your SELF, then answers will come in abundance, and simultaneously
      – albeit not all of them – but enough for now. And that is not
      a belief or a theory. In the meantime if one feels a need to trust
      something – then simply trust life and existence itself – and
      that of your own integrity within it. And when the veil of the dust
      sheet of the plethora of things is lifted for a while, then it all
      becomes clear, and understood; and even if still not knowing all the
      answers to all the questions. And enough food for the day at hand.
      Beliefs are manufactured, invariably for vested reasons, to fill a gap
      in knowledge and understanding; but the nature of reality exists all
      around us and within us to explore for ourselves; and some come to find
      things, and agree, that that which is thers to be experienced, and known
      that way, is infinitely more amazing and profound than any concocted
      belief system to fill gaps. In so doing one finds that life does not
      have a meaning, but rather a purpose; for life is real and not symbolic
      of something else. And the next step is to fulfil that purpose when
      found. Knowing things and beliefs are not the same thing. But, being
      observers of the observed, or that part of what exists which studies the
      rest of it, then we cannot know what the observed IS independent of
      being an Observer of it. Think about it, you are smart guys.

      Life does not have a meaning it is not symbolic; it has a function. Do
      not invent a meaning, for that is a game played by fools. Sign post have
      a meaning, but the things to which they point are the things themselves;
      and the things themselves do not have a meaning. Find your function and
      where you fit into the scheme of things. And what is the point of
      existing, and having the bloody gaul to tell us all what things really
      are, when you do not even know WHAT YOU ARE ! So, come off it lads and
      lassies, get real, get honest, and do some work here. You aint here just
      for fun and self gratification. What are you, where do you come from,
      what are you doing here and why? No guesses please, no self invented
      answers, no silly quotes from silly books; either you know or you
      don't know QED. Get real and be honest. You can fool other people
      for much of the time, but you can never fool yourself. For IT knows
      what it is even if you don't. WHAT are YOU when all the bits that
      are not the real YOU are extracted from the system? Do you know? That
      it is your job to find out. And when you KNOW what you are you will
      simulatniously KNOW what you are NOT. What you are not is even more
      important and profound that what you ARE.

      Since it has been said that you are my twin and true companion then KNOW
      your SELF. For those who have not known their SELF have known nothing.
      But those who have come to KNOW their SELF have simultaneously come to
      know the deepest depths of all things.

      If you think this is bullshit then prove it wrong. You wont, for it aint
      bullshit; it is dead true. Don't look for a meaning to life –
      look for you, and then when found you will have everything you need to
      fulfil your function in life and existence.


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