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Re: Commercial free speach

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  • bhvwd
    ... The acturaries say mass statistics uncover the future . I say a trend is a possibility but an occurance is a fact. They sell a vision of infallibility
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 23, 2009
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      > > Pres Obama has signed an anti tobacco bill. It aims to stop young people from beginning smoking. That in itself is difficult to argue about.
      > > The secondary effect of this legislation is thought by some to oppress free speech in the commercial sector. Can you lie in advertisements? Now that is lawyer territory so you know there are at least two sides. Can you misrepresent the product? Can you be sewed for that misrepresentation?
      > > Many see this legislation to be anti business. Caveat Emptor should be the rule of the road and many hold to that standard. This subject is so dry and boring it ranks up there with health care legislation as the soporific of the summer. Business is the entity that draws little mercy and the volume of business our industries generate is being called into question. All the slick adds ,insurance, financial services, tobacco sales are blasted at the unwary incessantly.
      > > Yes they need regulation and we the people need protection. If you work for GEICO I do not expect you to agree. Bill
      > >Bill,
      > Several, disjointed thoughts occur in my early morning brain. Jefferson must be rolling in his grave (tobacco farmer, human rights activist). I hate when the insurance lobby gets their way (smoker vs. non-smoker premiums, and likely this new bill). The FDA can be inept and corrupt. And Jesus was the first postmodern with his "What is truth?" (truth in advertising). Collecting user fees from the tobacco industry to fund the regulation seems practical but could also open Pandora's box (legal precedent). What would happen if the FDA requires all manufacturers of harmful products to fund their own demise? If they would only do that to the insurance industry. They could enforce labeling their products: "Warning: Filing Insurance Claims Is Dangerous To Your Health." Mary
      > Mary, at the base of any radicalism left with me is an absolute distrust of insurance. It comes back to the notion of infallibility. Some claim they have a knowledge of the future. As an existentialist and scientist I know that is bunk. If you do not know the future how can you insure against untoward events.
      The acturaries say mass statistics uncover the future . I say a trend is a possibility but an occurance is a fact. They sell a vision of infallibility but there is no such thing.Of course they do not have assets to cover the amount of insurance in force. AIG had no where near the assets to cover losses in the recent financial crash. So why do we allow such a facade to mushroom at the pinnacle of our business enterprises. Insurance is a pyramid scheme. You must keep getting new clients to pay off claims submitted by old clients. It becomes harder and harder to preform when the insurance executives pay themselves obscene salaries and bonuses. Boom and bust is the result. The very trademark of the capitalistic system is repeated huge personal losses folowed by corporate restructuring and the slow march back to boom times. The insurance crooks are at the forefront of these events as they sell nothing but uninforcable contracts. They fail, we bail. This is the sucker bet that we are trying to break up. In life, health and casualty markets the agents and executives are doing all they can to replace this horrible system in the name of saving capitalism. I am appalled that many will fall for it all again. You fear death, you fear sickness, you fear bankrupcy and they prey on each and every anxiety. There is a finite limit to what can be paid out and no one knows the future. Until we accept the finitude and unknowing of existance we have no hope of plotting a future of orderly reality. Bill
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