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Hindsight in Time to Come.

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  • rosemason60
    Hindsight in Time to Come. In time to come, will they ever know. And if they do then will they ever tell the tale in generations yet to come of how fiercely
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2009
      Hindsight in Time to Come.

      In time to come, will they ever know. And if they do then will they
      ever tell the tale in generations yet to come of how fiercely we fought
      for our liberation and freedom, how easy we died, and how passionately
      we loved and lived. Will they ever ask themselves as to wherein could
      be seen to be the initial birth pangs of a new dawning of Man. When
      they look back will they see that it lay in the darkest century known to
      humanity; the so called Twentieth Century. Thus, like the birth pangs of
      a phoenix arising from the ashes of darkness, fear, chaos and
      destruction. The century in which man not only moved into the atomic age
      and initial space adventures but also irrevocably destroying the old
      order of hostile empires with two world wars, social upheaval on a
      worldwide scale, and the mere beginning of the end of antiquated social
      paradigms and alienation which created the us and them attitudes and the
      isolationism, sectarianism, racism and juvenile prejudices. The time in
      which despite all the old social myths beginning to fade away the very
      nature of reality itself unequivocally made humanity finally realise
      that society is but a fragile veneer which has to be gently nurtured,
      and that no man and no nation, is an island unto itself; and that even
      the globe itself is a delicate treasure not to be taken for granted and
      ill-used, lest it too should turn sour.

      So, among all these things, the real discovery at that time was that we
      were not mere passengers in a game of chance or mere game determined by
      fate and played by fools, but active participants within it, and of it
      all; and even though as yet in this time of writing, we are still as yet
      like babes taking their first steps into an unknown future which we
      ourselves have to fashion whilst sill in the cauldron of seemingly
      irrepressible and unsolvable dichotomies. But both the will and passion
      to get there is grater than it is given credit for; and that is the
      spirit of man in action. As opposed to repose.

      Thus, the ultimate achievement of the twenty first century was, and will
      be seen as being the mere beginning of new awareness; and a new level of
      conscious existence arising. And as was once said before in dire
      circumstances which apply equally well now, this dawning of a new
      awareness is not the end of the journey, not even the beginning of the
      end, but rather the end of the beginning; and an end to that which was
      restricting a higher order of being on earth from manifesting itself.
      Thus instigating at least the dawn of a new epoch of humanity on earth
      – one humanity on one world.

      The journey is of course a long one, and one day, and one lifetime,
      seems to be of little consequence in the vast tapestry of world history,
      and even more so when measured against the sum of all time itself. But
      in fact it is not, for each wheel has its cogs, and without which it
      would not be what it is or do what it does. It takes many trees and many
      leaves to make a forest, many raindrops to make an ocean; but many
      tears, many heartaches, and many smiles to make a Man, and they all play
      their individual part in the whole. Just as it will take all the people
      on earth to make the earth a fitting place for future manifestations of
      the life force to live out their time here in a better way of living a
      life here.

      Thus, will they also conclude in millennia to come, that this period was
      not only the catalyst point for change, but also both the best and worst
      of times to have lived through for those who had to live through it.
      And truly do we crave for them that which you and I will not personally
      know, could not have, nor will ever see. Likewise is it true that all
      past generations have played their inevitable part in this unfolding of
      the life saga on earth; also whilst not even seeing the greater picture.
      But it matters not; for the effect is what the effect is and the job
      gets done irrespective; and we reaped what they sowed just as
      generations to come will reap that part which we have sown for them to
      inherit here and now.

      But of course, with their perspective of hindsight, when asked they will
      simply say it was back then, in that time, that century. They will not
      be able say "it is here and now; and we did it"; as you can. For
      you are here and now, and you are their history in the making; and you
      are their past.

      With so much knowledge and information which is available to us even
      today then we can see more of the bigger picture than any generations of
      the past could see and comprehend, including all the so called wise men
      of times past. People are only wise enough for their time, and with luck
      simply a wee bit for tomorrow thrown in for good measure to help us
      along our way, ad hoc.

      But, also along with this awareness, and to substantiate and enhance it,
      there is that additional x factor which is becoming more commonplace
      these days, that self evident and uncontradictable awareness that we are
      each a small but valuable part of a greater whole and thus once again
      drumming home the message that no man is an island, we are all
      connected, yet each play their individual part in that greater whole.
      As to where and how it may all end in time here then we cannot know nor
      even imagine. But that matters not either, for we know it will be better
      than today if we decide it to be so; and that, for the day at hand, is
      all that matters, and is enough for this day.

      So, when we each moan and grown about our lot, how hard it all is, how
      rotten our individual deal might seem; and how bad our individual luck
      might be; then once again the bigger picture reaps its dividend here and
      now too; for we know it could be worse, for many of us lived through it
      already and known it to be so; and most in the past had it far less good
      then we have now. We are also savvy enough to know by now that there is
      no greater shock to the system than in having to confront change whilst
      also having to learn how to cope with our self evident actions of free
      choice – let alone the degree of change in the order of things which
      we ourselves have seen and had to live through in such a short and
      chaotic time – and not by choice; but rather by events thrust upon
      us. No other century has seen greater change and upheaval. No previous
      time could have demanded more dedication to the task of moulding the
      future than this one has.

      In time to come, when they look back on us from hindsight, they will
      conclude then that it was perhaps these generations that finally came to
      learn, in consensus terms from hard experience, that we can only live
      well here if everybody else is doing likewise. Therein should be the
      real lesson of the twenty first century, and its waves that ripple out
      on the sands of time in terms of effect. And hopefully they will realise
      that we walked through this darkness in order that they may walk in a
      little more light.

      So, for what it might be worth; we can at least say – we were there,
      and did what had to be done at that time. There never were days of gods,
      heroes and men – just people; and doing what people have to do in
      their time and place; and they went forth and did it. And you were

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