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The Venus Project

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  • rosemason60
    Found this re http://www.thevenusproject.com/ .... Re: Go for it. Revolution How do you know communism is a good
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2009
      Found this re http://www.thevenusproject.com/
      <http://www.thevenusproject.com/> ....

      Re: Go for it. Revolution

      How do you know communism is a good thing, for it has never existed, so
      it is not a THING at all. At best it is an idea and an ideal in the
      minds and hearts of Man. Even Marx said that the world of humanity will
      not come right until such time that people get themselves right first by
      having a better understanding of themselves and their own mysterious
      consciousness. I give them that, but only in words alas. And even unto
      this day it still brings death threats for so doing. We have to get real
      and stop playing silly games eh.

      Also you play with words which are not only meaningless in this day and
      age but play right into the phobias and prejudices of people by virtue
      of them. If any human being on earth assumes that what happened in
      Soviet tyrannical dictatorship, or China or anywhere elsewhere in which
      that abortion and abomination took hold, then their brains are either up
      their arse, or they have not got any at all. This group is not the
      place for discussing this. I offered you a link to a group which was if
      you are interested. Try using `sharing' or commune-ism' or the Dignity
      of Man.

      I am not interested in building houses or towns, or space cities, others
      can do that. I am interested in building men. I am not seeking peace, I
      am seeking revolution. Peace can follow on from that. For you will not
      find it here yet.

      Dick Richardson.

      --- In ThePhDSociety@yahoogroups.com, "Kraig Mottar" <kraigam@...>

      Actually, the venus project does have similarities to communism.
      Communism is a good thing, well, I think it would, but I really can't
      say for sure it would work since its never existed anyway for longer
      than 3 years. I suppose that last statement always throw people off.

      But the 93 year old man behind the Venus project denies it is communism.
      He probably accepts the old misperceptions of what communism is. I
      actually thinks he believe that, about communism. I don't wish to
      convince him that the system he thought up is communism.

      Since I believe communism is a bad thing that existed in places like
      the USSR, etc. It better he not know. That he, independent of Marx, etc,
      re-envisioned the same think, but come up with a better vision, that is
      great. If communism or whatever, is to ever happen, it will need new
      names. Even if it is communism, the word is a poison word, poisoned by
      its innept forfathers, and the enemies they made, and the conflicts they
      dragged it through.

      The venuus project calls its economy a resource driven economy, which
      calls for new technology. As for the new economic paradigm (don't know
      if that's a proper use of the word) is to abandon the 8-10 hours work
      day, and the 5 day work week, I could dissect the month and year, but
      you get the picture. With the proper education in a society with a
      population of (a) million(s), and proper education and proper
      technology, there could be full employment with a 2-6 hour work day.
      No money, but everyone has their needs provided for. Though, this
      abolition of money will take money to create. That's ironic.



      The name here is Dick Richardson, resident in West Somerset, UK, born in
      London in 1938.

      I found a link to this movement only this morning (Sunday, 03 May 2009)
      and found myself to be very interested in it, insofar as the little of
      it I come to learn as yet. But the concept of building a society fit for
      the true dignity of man, and life itself, has been my own agenda for
      seventy years, and I have done so much in the way of commutation with
      people myself; as can be verified atÂ….

      http://www.godprize.org/ <http://www.godprize.org/>


      http://www.psychognosis.net/ <http://www.psychognosis.net/>

      I have never joined or belonged to anything in my life, having always
      been a loner, but with an agenda of my own, and which includes the
      abolition of money and the evolution of human awareness and thence
      building a society worthy of that to live in for future generations.
      Tomorrow always begins today, and only we can do it; and we have what it
      takes to do. But we cannot do it alone and no man is an island unto
      their self.

      There are of course two somewhat conflicting ideas. One which strives to
      build a society which will build better people and the other which says
      the world will only come right after we have got ourselves right first.
      But in truth there is no conflict here, and both can work side by side.
      A better society will foster better people, and better people can foster
      the advent of that society. Two irons in the fire is better than one,
      and it speeds up human evolution by lending it a hand.

      Dick Richardson.

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