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Re: The Iowa supreme court

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  • mary.josie59
    Bill, Vacancies are anticipated soon I hear. No litmus tests of course :) Mary
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 3, 2009
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      Vacancies are anticipated soon I hear. No litmus tests of course :)


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      > > YAY! Some changes are for the better. Now the ultra conservatives can scapegoat the lady justice for being a woman. Why isn't she at home baking cookies, barefoot and pregnant, obeying to her fella?
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      > > Mary
      > > Mary, The lady in question should be considered for a seat on the United States Supreme Court. Then those ultra conservatives can bake their own cookies. Bill
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      > > > On appeal from a lower court the Iowa supreme court has reversed a ruling banning same sex marriage. The state high court ruled the ban violated the constitutional rights of Iowans .
      > > > I am usually critical of this state for backwardness but now point with pride to our judicary. I met Chief Justice Ternus many years ago when she was a trial lawyer and remain impressed by her responsibility to individual rights and the constitution.
      > > > The people of Iowa have s given two great gifts to the country recently. President Obama got his initial boost from the Democrats on the South Side of DesMoines and now we defend the constitution with this timely ruling. This was no mean feat in a rural and often conservative state. We won the last three gubanatorial elections after years of repressive Republican rule. Those Republicans attacked the Fourth Amendment by use of police power weilded by the DOT. I hope that becomes our next project so we may further the state motto,"Our rights we prise and our liberties we will maintain" Bill
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