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Re: [existlist] Love and Relinquishment.

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    Dave, or what ever your name is, Just happened to find something by Dick, eh? Gee, what are the odds? Wil ... From: dave_wdmn To:
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      Dave, or what ever your name is,

      Just happened to find something by Dick, eh? Gee, what are the odds?


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      Subject: [existlist] Love and Relinquishment.

      Found this on another group, it might interest some here - - -

      Love and Relinquishment.

      As that there has been talk about detachment from earthly things (for a

      so called better cause) then maybe I could add a comment or two on that

      from past experience over the years.

      Given that, shall we say one third, of our existence is found to be what

      we call a human being then let us look at this bit first. It has also

      been said that this level of reality as a human being in time and space

      is nothing but an illusion invented by some idiotic programmer. There

      are many fantastic things to see and to do and to know as a human being.

      But perhaps the best of them all is to be madly in love with something.

      Now, if you are madly in love with a mountain then the chances are that

      it will be around for all of your life, unless some earth quake or flood

      takes it away from you. But we know that can happen. But if you are

      madly in love with another person then that love could fade away or the

      person who you are madly in love with might not love you,20or if they do

      their love for you might fade away and they might go, or they might walk

      under a bus tomorrow. But we know all this anyway. Is that going to stop

      you loving them? Is it going to stop you taking a chance on it? If it

      does stop you then you are a fool and you are going to miss one of the

      best things found in human life on earth.

      If this person no longer loved you then one must let them go to be free

      and let them love whatever or whoever it is they love. And you do that

      because you love them. And it will hurt like hell. But there you go, it

      can and does happen. But is that a good enough reason for missing the

      day at hand when you do love each other? Is not the joy and the

      experience superior to running away from it and missing it? Take your

      pick, there is no right and wrong thing to do in this case.

      Also, assuming that love never fades for either of you and you both have

      an idyllic life together for the rest of your time here, you still know

      that you are both going to die and it will end. So what? That does not

      stop one from living it. Also, if that person and any kids that come

      along are thought to be all illusions then it is a rather good illusions

      isn't it, and it works, because you live it and feel it all and

      experience it all and learn from it all. So, well done that illusion.

      But why bother to labour and toil to feed your children if they are an
      0Aillusion? That would be silly would it not – feeding an illusion

      with all the passion of your spirit and soul. And which is course is all

      nonsense, for they are real enough for the job of being real enough, and

      so too is all the living experience of it all.

      Now, let us go deeper. It has be said that love goes on. Well, I found

      it to be true that love goes on some place else, and where time does not

      move and the world is not even known about – eternal love. Whilst

      there nothing is known about the world or human beings or past lovers,

      none of it; it is all gone from memory, there is no memory there, nor

      any personality, but just your real original primordial self, or the I

      AM bit, and which the rest of it is all built upon in time and space and


      But, I had to give up that place and that love too. Oh dear what a

      calamity. But it was OK for I came back here again and brought that love

      back here with me. It was only then that I began to find a real deep

      love for all things, and it shone out of all of them; from a blade of

      grass to a rose, to my shoes and my hands, and human beings and the

      clouds and everything. It was all made of the same primordial energy as

      I was and everything is. And energy cannot be destroyed, it can just

      change its form, and that is what time and space is – energy

      changing is form.

      Which is best, the paradesium of the divine g
      round of our being or a

      world in time and space and being here on earth? The world of time and

      space is better, and for many reasons which I will not go into here for

      I have already done it many times before. But either way it does not

      matter much does it, for whilst here I live it here and when not here

      then I live it there (albeit very different there) but I still love

      either way. It is not important as to what or if anything loves me, but

      rather the love that is in me for other things and to exist among them

      all in formation. What more do you want? Could the illusion get any

      better? No complaints here, for it was all a ball. What if it all goes

      pop and ends? So what, for I was there when it was there, and lived it

      with a wild passion to the fullness of my being. I gave it my all, and

      it gave me so much too.

      So, there you go. Your believing it or not will not make jot of

      difference, neither will your opinions, neither will my opinion; for it

      was what it was, and there it was.

      What I would say to you, if you are interested in hearing it, is to try

      to come to know your self in is fullness and entirety. The best way to

      put your self in the path of doing that is to let it (YOU) go and let it

      (YOU) melt into any love or beauty you can find in anything. And then

      that love will one day carry you home to where it is made, in the


      I would not re
      commend that you believe this for that will do no good,

      but I would recommend that you try to find it, for it is there to be

      found, and so are you; and that will do some good. It is only when you

      first become lost that you will find your self. Truly. It is only when

      you come to forget everything that you will then remember again who and

      what you are and from whence you come and why. Truly.

      You don't need a religion or beliefs, you need to love and to think

      and to feel life itself. This is no big secret and it costs nothing.

      Nor does it cost anything to tell it or hear it told – or to live

      it. Life is no secret or hidden thing, nor occulted from view. Just be

      receptive to it all and it reveals itself; that is not hard to do.

      How did all this come about? I don't know, who cares. All that

      concerns me being a rank pragmatist is that it did come about and I can

      live it. But after all is said and done, I am made of the stuff, as is I

      AM is made of the stuff. Just made and constructed in different layers,

      or dimensions, that is all. Life is not flat.

      Enjoy your trip – or don't, whichever you prefer.

      Dick Richardson.

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