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Re: Fools suffering

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  • louise
    ... don t have the power that is pretended, it s just mass social agreement. If you want a god, choose one that suits, and know what you re saying. That s
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 2, 2009
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:
      > Most just cannot give it up. The recent posts are full of references
      > to diety and final ends and mad theories and personally held spirits
      > all close held for false comfort. The same weak game played over and
      > over and at the end just exasperation.
      > Give up your stupid gods and mad expectations of eternal life. You are
      > ruining your precious time and wasting the scant minutes of your span
      > with the fear of things which do not exist.
      > Be existentialists and live for your life. Pain is a signal of broken
      > physiology, fix what is broken and carry on in health. If your
      > perspective is so glum change it or die.
      > Indeed times may be hard but bending knee and mind to the stupidity of
      > the past will only intensify your misery. You are alone here and
      > completely responsible for your survival. Soon you will be dead and
      > forgotten so hit your licks and make your marks while you can, hurry
      > the dark is coming. Bill
      > Ok, but intelligent gods are quite as bad. The words humans say
      don't have the power that is pretended, it's just mass social
      agreement. If you want a god, choose one that suits, and know what
      you're saying. That's existentialism. The past is too much with us,
      and wears many disguises. Keep on going through this verbal jungle,
      and we will see daylight. There are always controlling bastards, part
      of the order of nature. I think it's the spirit with which one
      ignores the rules that matters. That's how it looks from the margin,
      the only life known to me. Louise [from the darkness of unknowing]
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