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Dream or Reality.

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  • vjsimms73
    Dream or Reality. There was a brief time many years ago when for a short while I had to confront what seemed to be an odd kind of question, and albeit a very
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2009
      Dream or Reality.

      There was a brief time many years ago when for a short while I had to
      confront what seemed to be an odd kind of question, and albeit a very
      justified question due to direct living experience. The question was
      this…. Is this experience of living on a world in space, time and
      changing events really real. This was not something which I dreamed up
      simply to give thought to, but I was forced to question it after
      existing in a state of conscious existence where none of this stuff was
      at, and not even known about. So, it was a justified question indeed.
      The answer to that question had to be a yes or a no. Either no, this
      perception of existing in time and space was not really THE real
      reality, but rather something like being in a film show for a learning
      process by which to grow in awareness from, and one day the film show
      would end and the other known reality would be back again. Or, that yes,
      this space time experience of being on a physical world was in fact
      true, a real physical reality, and that I really had come out of that
      realm in order to come here to learn it all.

      Needless to say that anyone not knowing that other condition of
      conscious existence would have no reason to even ask this question
      simply because this world would be all they know anyway, due to their
      perception of life and existence. For the `door' to that other
      condition of being and perception had not been opened up to them, or had
      been erased from their memory at least.

      So, I pondered this question for about a year (alone needless to say);
      from 1964 to 1965 approximately. The only conclusion which I could come
      to beyond any possible doubt at all was that it did not matter a damn
      either way – whether it were ultimately real here in time and space
      or not. The simple answer was that I was here and living it anyway, real
      or not. I had to eat and drink, feed the kids, work, pay rent for some
      place to live, etc. So if it were a dream of some kind then it was a
      real enough dream to be called real enough. It is where I was AT and had
      no choice but to get on with it. Plus the fact that I liked it here
      anyway; so if it were a dream then it was a good dream, and I had no
      problem with it.

      But things (many things) soon started to happen which caused me to dump
      the either or scenario, the one or the other dichotomy, and realise that
      they were BOTH real. With the exception that the transcendent reality
      was permanently real whilst the perception of existing in time and space
      was transitionally real.

      This also eliminated the paradox of either really existing THERE OR
      HERE; for they were both real. That is to say a part of me was always
      there and a part of me is transitionally extended from it
      (consciousness, perception) exiting here – one of the three parts of
      my being – the finite part.

      Needless to say that this is NOT even a justified question to think
      about, or at least ask oneself, if they have as yet no perception of the
      other mode of conscious existence. And in which case this finite
      physical perception and understanding is all that they have – which
      they can remember anyway. And this of course is where the long known of
      question as REDEMPTION comes on the scene – Redeeming means to grab
      back that which was really yours anyway – the remembrance of that
      pleroma and the eternal, non changing idyllic existence – shall we
      say, some place else.

      So, if you want to debate it then – your move ! But I have found
      that 90 percent of all communication in this changing space time reality
      to be utterly pointless and futile; because when they outright negate it
      they have no idea what they are talking about and negating. To say that
      something does not exist when they have not know it to exist must be a
      step backward from dog consciousness living in a kindergarten of
      perception and understanding. May the powers that be bring forth
      intelligence to this realm of finite perception. And the wispy bits
      might coagulate.

      One day this finite reality, or transitory film show, is going to end
      for you – and you will find what it is that you find. That would be
      a good time to judge what is ultimately real or not, and what is
      ultimately transitory or not. Wait and see.

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