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The Cataclysmic Era.

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  • vjsimms73
    The Cataclysmic Era. The world of humanity has no doubt known a number of cataclysmic times, but the one nearest to you and I is the last two hundred years;
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      The Cataclysmic Era.

      The world of humanity has no doubt known a number of cataclysmic times,
      but the one nearest to you and I is the last two hundred years; which
      was not an evolutionary crawl and a whimper but a giant leap and
      tremendous roar of change. Vast international and world wars,
      industrialisation and mechanisation the likes of which could never have
      been dreamed or imagined by generations past. A great liberalisation
      from restricted social and personal inhibitions and outmoded rules of
      human behaviour. The mass migration from the rural to urban communities
      and the struggles and dialectical argument which arrived from that and
      learning process from the living experience thereof. Social and
      political upheavals and the dialectic argument and synthesis such as the
      world had never known before.

      Such catalytic times when lived through by those who lived through them
      are never easy; for it is the human struggle and fight to become what we
      can or might be able to become. The everlasting goal of a dream to be
      fulfilled – the human quest mysterious and indefinable. I suppose
      one could define it as being the manifestation of the search for the
      freedom of the self whilst in harmony and accord with the all or the
      many. The amalgamation of the Me and the You, the I and the thou of the
      perceiver and the perceived, or the observer and the observed. And thus
      the synthesised, attained, job done, quest for personal freedom, but
      with responsibility; and in the full knowing and acceptance that no man
      is an island in time and space.

      Such things, such events and unfolding, such becoming process in human
      affairs, do not begin with powers beyond this world, nor is it write in
      the stars. Neither are they the product of atoms chaotically bumping
      into to each other. No, they begin, manifest, mature and flower and end
      in the human Mind. They bubble up from the subconscious, which runs deep
      and runs silent below the periscopes of the waves of the five external
      senses spectrum of observability, into full conscious awareness and
      knowing, and then become a dream to be fulfilled, and dictated to do so
      by a never ending passion for fulfilment by the very deepest nature of
      our being. So, do not look beyond the world of the conscious being, or
      to the stars, but look to your self – for therein is Life found, and
      known, and lived, and loved. To be, and to become. A part of which is
      the journey of the individual I, but the greater part is the journey and
      the synthesis of the WE. For you are as I am; and we are all the same
      essential stuff which has been made aware of existing. Thus you are my
      twin and true companion throughout the mists of time and space unfolding
      process. Know your self, and you will know me.

      When asked a while back, at the end of a radio interview, as to whether
      I am optimistic for life and humanity or pessimistic, my answer was that
      I am optimistic. But not simply because of pragmatics (pessimism never
      achieves a thing which is worthwhile any time any where any how) but
      simply optimistic because I know what I am, and what you are, and it is
      a part of what we are at the deepest level of our being – lovers of
      LIFE. So will it ever flower beyond that which it has yet done in time
      and space? Oh yes, but keep at it for it does depend on YOU to make it
      so. It will not come quick or easy. But it will come. The liberation
      from comic ignorance in the fullness of its being and shared by all. It
      is not a promised land incarnate, it is a potential to be brought forth
      and made in time and space; by you, and me, and him and her, working
      together ad hoc.

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