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Re: No Fear, unless it's convenient

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  • Knott
    ... I said nothing of the sort...please quote correctly: Children tend to have fear at one time or another That is quite a bit different than a definitive
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 25, 2009
      > You say ALL children (and presumably adults too)
      > have known fear.

      I said nothing of the sort...please quote correctly: "Children tend to
      have fear at one time or another" That is quite a bit different than a
      definitive "All". I am not so presumptuous.

      > How
      > many children have you been?
      > How many adults have you been? If you have
      > been them all then you sure have the advantage over me,
      > for I have only
      > ever been me, and that is the only one that
      > I KNOW – but you know it
      > all it seems :- )

      Um, nice try turning my argument, but it doesn't work. If you claim
      there is some type of data one can gain from observation (and it seems
      to me you suggest this if not stating it outright), then you will see
      lots of people do have fear. I have been around children...I have been
      one. And yes, from my experience fear is part of experience. This is
      not to say I can prove a thing, but my observation makes a suggestion.
      Quite honestly I don't trust observation. But it seems to be without
      fear, one would need to be without emotion, perhaps autistic or some
      other state...

      > But yes, when my kids ride a bloody
      > great horses over bloody great jumps
      > every day then I am apprehensive until
      > I know that they are safe.

      So you are suggesting your apprehension is not fear...seems to be
      splitting hairs, but ok. On the other hand has your apprehension ever
      raised a question...e.g., "will my child be safe when riding?"

      > If
      > they were in a war I would perhaps be shit scared for them – but not
      > for me.

      If there is fear it is fear, and it doesn't matter who it is for.

      > You cannot help but to love and care for them,
      > and even worry about them
      > when in possible danger.

      Well, your suggestion that you never feared anything would suggest
      otherwise...oh, great apprehensionist.

      > So, keep it in perspective.

      In what perspective? One that is convenient to your current argument?
      Fear, I assume, is fear. It may be the catalyst for questions...but it
      is not, I think, the only one. You seemed to suggest that it was
      absurd to think fear had anything to do with questioning...and I think
      that may be short sighted. I do not think the idea, as you stated (and
      I quote) is "utter rubbish".

      > But also keep in mind that FEAR is
      > perhaps the greatest thing and power
      > to hold man back from moving on into
      > the unknown and finding out more.

      That is if he/she fears exploration. Fear might also be exactly the
      thing that spurs exploration. It depends on how the fear is manifest.

      > If you found yourself on the edge a dark
      > hole, a black hole with no know
      > bottom to it, would you jump in
      > to explore for curiosity? I did, for I
      > have no fear of the dark and the unknown.

      ?? If you jumped into a hole sir, as you describe it that is suicide.
      However I believe you are mixing metaphor with 'reality' (which I find
      hard to define)...and it is not a valid 1 to 1 correlation.

      > But I will not tell you what it was, for I have been
      > down that road with you lot here.

      Sir, I think you'll not say because there is nothing to say. I doubt
      more than Thomas, and this seems as empty a claim as there can be. If
      you are a great teacher and have a great answer, you'd share it. If
      you want to appear to have a great answer and to know something...you
      would keep it hidden as there is nothing to reveal. no need to play
      games like I am hunting an easter egg...I sincerely doubt anyone has
      any answers, but that is MY observation, and it is nothing I can prove.

      > But anyway, you find
      > that thing out for yourself.
      > Or stay where you are at now. There is
      > more dear Horatio than that which
      > has been made known to your awereness
      > as yet.

      One could say that to anyone in any situation. You are silly to think
      you might in the slightest know where I am now. And if you are as
      sloppy as quoting "All" from what I wrote, perhaps your other
      conclusions and insights are as hasty. In any case, you are still an
      unreliable narrator.

      But just one post ago you were without fear, and there we seem to have
      found some...Perhaps YOU are learning.

      Cockatoo Featherbound
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