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Your Experience DeLana.

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  • Dick Richardson
    Your Experience DeLana. Hi DeLana, thanks for the input. Given that you have already granted me permission to use any of your words elsewhere then I will use
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2009
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      Your Experience DeLana.

      Hi DeLana, thanks for the input. Given that you have already granted me
      permission to use any of your words elsewhere then I will use this one
      with a few comments below.

      [ I have found from my own experience of IT...my Self/I AM/Home. This
      has been the connecting point in my own life helping me to understand my
      own existence and purpose for being on this planet. Even though this
      experience only happened once, this has been my guide throughout my life
      thus far. It manifests as a direction and an intuition about whatever
      occurs in the outer world. In my opinion, it would be hard to live this
      life and see all happening as it is now without having had the mystical
      transcendant experience. I would probably have had to go to a loony bin
      if I had no backup as I have had. Everything fits nicely together and
      things are not always the way they seem or appear to be.

      I feel very grateful and blessed to have been immersed within the
      primordial consciousness and to have experienced the Ground of Being
      from whence we all originated. At first I felt that no one was supposed
      to know or experience this great blinding Light and there were no words
      to express what my little personality/ego had come to know. Dick
      Richardson best describes the event and his words need to be read just
      so humanity can have a glimpse of what we all will eventually
      experience. Love, DeLana]

      Since I began looking forty years ago I have as yet only ever met
      fourteen or fifteen living people that have known this one. But that of
      course is only a few thousand out of six billion :- ) And I of course
      can only judge that by what they tell me when they go into detail as I
      always do with them – a real grilling :- ) I am wicked I guess.

      But, I have never found one yet that had experienced that one twice. But
      what would be the point in that? Just the same again, and one does not
      need it twice. But like others they have had various levels of more
      common mystical experiences (and far from which are all transcendent
      – indeed a local one brings it all back to earth again and resolves
      it by uniting it with objectivity – religions don't tell them
      that eh). And also of course many of them have also had a few or many
      psychic experiences as well as the mystical ones. They would not know
      the difference otherwise obviously; and they also teach and reveal
      things. I have of course found hundreds who have had some level of
      mystical experience, either Introverted or Extroverted, and thousands
      who have had various psychic experiences, and which are very very

      Also one has to note that not a one of them with the deep inwards kind
      like yours was ever looking for anything (it was all spontaneous and
      shook them rigid for a while – mind-blowing stuff) and most, like
      myself, had never subscribed to a religion or any form of belief system
      (just as well eh). Also, all of them were highly sensitive people –
      and perhaps needless to say. I for one cannot say what it is like to be
      an adult without knowing this, having it, for it occurred so long ago on
      the edge of maturity. And many seem to have it when they are young to
      early adulthood. There are correlations indeed. I have never come across
      one old person having found it. But there may well have been. It might
      have been the case with Thomas Aquinas, for I read many years ago that
      one evening when old, after a lifetime of writing all the stuff which
      had written, he had some level of mystical experience and after which he
      told folks to forget everything he had ever said and written, because it
      was all rubbish. So, who knows eh, but you cannot talk to the dead too
      readily, so you have to find the living ones :- ) Not easy mate ! And
      this is why I bully them into talking and writing; and even if it
      destroys the concepts in conventional religions from way back in

      They had known the same, but were not good enough at talking about it,
      and did so mostly in metaphor not AS IS in simple language. They also
      knew little about the fabric of our make up and the physics and
      metaphysics of the universe and ourselves, the mind and consciousness,
      and inter-dimensionality. So the old mystics (and assuming they were
      genuine mystics – some must have been) ought to be put to bed now
      and we must move on into a new tomorrow with a new paradigm. I have
      been pushing for it for forty years :- ) Not a lot of success yet
      DeLana – but who knows eh, and we wont if we don't try. I know
      you try hard. Give me a kid long enough and I will get these concepts
      into them so that they can all get their head around it without even
      having known it (I have done it), and without running away yelling blue
      murder :- ) If the established religions will not evolve and move on
      they will go the way of the Dodo, but the truth of these things is
      always there to be found and known – and then lived. Ipso Facto.

      Thank you DeLana. We need a few million more like you to come forward.
      They cannot kill us all any more :- ))) One day we will win. But not


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