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RE: [existlist] addressed to mr. lofting

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  • chris lofting
    ... LOL! ;-) ... ;-) These days it is more applicable to those of middle eastern appearance so you have moved up the scale of trust! Where you born in the UK
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 7, 2009
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      > chris,
      > if in fact you are not simply a computer-generated plant from
      > the fascist fringe,

      LOL! ;-)

      > would you be so good as to advise me on
      > how to manage my paranoia? i keep thinking that people dont
      > trust me because im black.

      ;-) These days it is more applicable to those of 'middle eastern appearance'
      so you have moved up the scale of trust! Where you born in the UK or did you
      migrate to the UK?

      > considering i have been deceived
      > all my life by my own skin, it leaves me most confused.

      Yes it would. In a social, symmetry-focused collective the emphasis is on
      SAMENESS and with that comes stereotyping etc. The emergence of
      consciousness has introduced DIFFERENCE where it is not the physiological
      that is an issue. That said, cooperation of LIKE-MINDEDNESS can transcend
      racial issues but still maintain a symmetry focus in that sameness - as such
      there is somatic racism as there is psychic racism. (e.g. my prose can
      elicit comments along the line of 'you are not one of us!' and the passion
      of that can be mapped to an equivalent form of 'racism' where the 'true'
      race is 'pure existentialist' etc etc!)

      > what
      > is your opinion on the entitlement of subliminally
      > trans-racial types to mainstream education?

      I focus more on mind/brain and as such how one uses what is in-between our
      ears. Education is required for (a) socialisation but also (b)
      understanding. The former symmetric (lots of copying etc) the latter
      asymmetric (ultimate supposed to be in a unique expression, a 'difference
      that makes a difference'). Yes there ARE intellectual differences, often
      tied to metabolic differences, some are 'faster' than others, some are
      qualitatively more 'aware' than others but in a social hierarchy these
      specialist traits bring out professions etc 'suitable' for those
      differences; we all can contribute or we can go off on our own (although
      still dependent on the collective for survival etc). The issues with
      metabolic rates etc bring out education requiring some suitable time-span;
      we can all, in principle, gets PhDs but it could take decades rather than
      the set two to four years and the issue then, from a social perspective, is
      'bang for buck'.

      The physiological dynamics of use of recursion of dichotomies to acquire
      information introduces the dynamic of mindless rote learning (the copy
      focus) shifting to an emerging rich associative memory system grounded in
      constructive/destructive interference patterns (and with THAT comes an
      emerging teleological element in the development of
      consciousness-as-language and so identification of 'purpose' etc -
      establishment of a sense of direction so essential for a symmetric form to
      maintain development through a cycle of re-configurations to 'fit in' to
      context changes)

      One of the advantages of the 'net is that these sorts of list interactions
      are based solely on brain power - I do not 'see' you and so avoid/minimise
      any subliminal factors that may bias assessments due to cultural background
      (WASP). That said, my background covered living a vast number of different
      countries in the first 21 years of my life and that included 12 years in
      Asian countries (Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Singapore) before coming to
      Australia in 1970. I thus 'escaped' the UK 11+ categorisation process in the
      50s (although implicit in later abilities etc suggested a channelling into
      grammar school over secondary-modern and so a path to university over
      polytechnic) and had a diverse education (home schooling in Japan, UK style
      grammar in HK, US style high school in Thailand, private boarding school in
      the UK, LCC school in UK etc etc) mixing theory with practice, intellect
      with being 'street wise' and often in countries where I was in a minority -
      elitist in some (HK), considered 'inferior', and so 'tolerated', in others
      (Japan) and 'one of the guys' in others (Thailand).

      The diversity in experiences and the exposure to different theories etc has
      led to the IDM material that covers developing an understanding of core
      information processing dynamics at the general level PRIOR to our
      development of specialist perspectives. As such it is open to all and is
      free of local context sensitivities since it covers the basics of all
      neuron-dependent life forms - what local adaptations favoured development of
      white or black or brown or yellow etc etc skins is meaningless in the
      context of brain dynamics; it is the issues of symmetrisation that leads to
      'issues' in that early education of sameness can elicit a natural negative
      reaction to differences ('stranger danger', ghetto development etc).

      Current education systems do not touch on the basics of mind/brain over
      'look' and as such we still promote an 'ape' perspective in our
      socialisations - how people look, smell, taste, sound etc dominates
      assessments when the fact it these are superseded by consciousness (if

      The dependence on early exposure to context in the development of a sense of
      SELF DOES introduce basic symmetry-related issues upon personality
      development where lack of focus on the mental can favour internalisation of
      stereotyping, applicable to self or to others. Education can get around
      these sorts of issues - as can travel! - but it requires some daring changes
      in methodologies to 'transcend' our species nature and move into a focus on
      consciousness. IDM aids in such in that it shows what is SAME for ALL of the
      species and as such grounds us in a sense of 'one' form (general) to many
      expressions (particulars) whereas the more common perspective moves
      particular to general (one 'bad apple' is generalised to all etc)

      As for issues with paranoia - go local. Talk. Communicate to bring out your
      uniqueness and so reduce any generalisations to specifics that can be easily
      addressed. Use humour. As a conscious being you are unique - there is no
      'racism' since there is no 'race'! The problem with symmetric thinking, and
      it dominates society, is the stereotyping so there is a requirement when not
      with those of 'like-mind' to put in more energy in clearly establishing your
      uniqueness and so potential contribution to any social dynamic; establishing
      rapport, even an agreement to disagree, is a step towards increase in

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