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Re: [existlist] Re: Loonies on the path

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  • eupraxis@aol.com
    This reflects your monomania and your obnoxious narcissism. You are more like a stalker than a member here. Wil ... ************** Nothing says I love you like
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 7, 2009
      This reflects your monomania and your obnoxious narcissism. You are more like
      a stalker than a member here.


      In a message dated 2/6/09 11:25:57 PM, lofting@... writes:

      > ;-) this reflects a property of mediation - hitting paradox and so not able
      > to totally 'cut' what one considers a 'whole' from a more complex, if but
      > vague, whole; as such we cover metonymy vs metaphor. The focus on the static
      > will reduce to a point and in doing so hit upon the sensation of the
      > 'infinite' - the inability to find a 'cut' other than one that is subjective
      > and in being subjective is not considered as 'true' (where 'truth' is
      > associated with symmetry and 'oneness'!). To experience this inability to
      > totally 'cut' from a complex pattern, see the sensory paradox examples in
      > http://members.http://membehttp://membehttp://membershttp where the infinite
      > oscillations possible reflect this cutting issue.
      > > "For those who feel solidarity with the world's destiny, the
      > > clash of civilizations has something anguishing about it. I
      > > have made that anguish my own and at the same time wished to
      > > play my role...Once must choose between action and contemplation.
      > >
      > >
      > "Free will" presents in the form of choices and they not as ideal, as
      > universals, but as local context sensitivities. Using universals LOCALLY can
      > aid in some local political dynamic but over the long run a more
      > context-sensitive approach is favoured. Thus analytical negation ('born
      > again') applies locally, dialectical negation ('keep the good bits') applies
      > globally.
      > The determinism inherent in genetically- The determinism inherent in gen
      > over a considerable timespan and covers the 'natural' response to living in
      > a thermodynamic universe - conservation of energy 'rules' and so a bias to
      > symmetry overall. Included in the determinism is 'purpose', all due to the
      > natural consequence of deriving meaning etc within a closed system in that
      > all that is possible is covered in the development of the neurology and its
      > sensory systems and so covers 'beginnings' and 'endings' - the recursion
      > involved (mapped to self-referencing and so self-organising systems) encodes
      > all categories within each and so encodes a 'purpose' element. It is this
      > element that such social typologies as the MBTI or HBDI or 'big-5' etc etc
      > pick up and the analysis of these methodologies moves us into in-depth
      > mappings of 'purpose' in each of us as members of neuron-dependent species.
      > The FAILURE of such rigid 'hard coding' is manifest in the development of
      > consciousness and so the emergence of our SINGULAR being, our unique self as
      > an agent of mediation. This development covers pressures on the mechanistic
      > nature of recursion where, given DEPTH in that development, a teleological
      > element emerges in the form of 'purpose' and on into the ability of a
      > self-referencing system, an autopeiotic system, to describe itself and so
      > elicit the use of analogy/metaphor for mediation/communica elic
      > What emerges from this activity are such dichotomies as being/doing,
      > static/dynamic, object/relationship static/dynamic, object/relationship<w
      > will elicit a dimension of classes of meaning usable to represent 'all that
      > is possible' given the bounds of the dichotomies. What is immediately
      > noticeable is an emerging issue of PRECISION, of resolution power, and with
      > that a focus on the dynamics of positive/negative feedback.
      > Repeated reductionism limits what is encapsulated by the positive feedback
      > in that within what has been encapsulated is negative feedback holding
      > things together - until one reduces to a point whereupon the definition of
      > 'negative feedback' is lost since it cannot reduce to the dimensionless,
      > there must be some form of dimensionality present for 'negative feedback' to
      > apply.
      > Moving into the realm of the dimensionless covers the emergence of
      > infinities where such reflect an inability to reduce the dimensional to the
      > dimensionless in that the 'perfection' associated with a closed-system,
      > symmetry-grounded, topological perspective is not represent able other than
      > through irrational means (i.e. the infinite mantissa of irrational numbers
      > bring out the inability to reduce to 'points' - we are faced with the use of
      > rounding of values and so the contribution of the SUBJECTIVE at this level
      > of precision).
      > There is a tie here of infinity with 'oneness' and so coverage of a closed
      > system. OTOH the act of mediation involved introduces an asymmetric element
      > in the form of consciousness as language and so open system dynamics. Here
      > we note that mediation is grounded in uncertainty such that all languages,
      > when considered from a meta-language perspective, are naturally
      > 'incomplete' 'incomplete'<wbr>. What THIS leads to is the realisation t
      > asymmetric position one has to keep talking and storing all of that 'off
      > line' to then be taught to others; if one decides to stop, if one has had
      > enough of the perpetual production of prose, one has surrendered to the
      > symmetric, to energy conservation and social commitment. This CAN be
      > beneficial in that the period of mediation and so of serial-dominated
      > dynamics, should have refined one's intuition and so given one a good set of
      > skills to live by with little need for mediation; all is parallel, all is
      > stimulus-response, the life of an instincts/habits driven life form tied to
      > 'routine' (a necessary physiological development where loss of huge amounts
      > of neurons as we age are covered by the routines we have learnt)
      > BUT there is still the need for more analysis, more mediation, and so
      > development of languages, re-development of languages; as some surrender to
      > symmetry so their works prior to such contribute to the overall perspective
      > offered by the language. Their lives after such reflect the degree of
      > internalisation of the language in the form of refined instincts/habits and
      > so patterns to live by 'intuitively'
      > So - keep writing dudes - existentialism depends on it!
      > Chris

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    • chris lofting
      ... LOL! you need to be more specific Wil. Throwing these sorts of labels is just wind . Where specifically are there issues with what I wrote and an
      Message 2 of 6 , Feb 7, 2009
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        > This reflects your monomania and your obnoxious narcissism.

        LOL! you need to be more specific Wil. Throwing these sorts of labels is
        just 'wind'. Where specifically are there issues with what I wrote and an
        existentialist perspective? if you cannot deal with the dynamics of
        enantiodromia then you have a problem in the context of the evolution of
        existentialism - suffering will, over time, develop into discernment, a
        positive from a negative. etc etc etc. Are you that paralysed that you
        cannot make the journey? LOL! get a gripe dude, you can contribute but it
        will obviously need some work!

      • bhvwd
        The red herring fish monger is busy. Who he truly represents will never be known, unless the great conspiracy can be broken open and the truth spills out.
        Message 3 of 6 , Feb 7, 2009
          The red herring fish monger is busy. Who he truly represents will
          never be known, unless the great conspiracy can be broken open and
          the truth spills out. When we try to examine the world situation we
          run up against many fools and corrupt facades. We will have
          indictments or we will fade as a civil society. The players in the
          great housing debacle are slowly emerging as punk business crooks
          but their political cover remains hidden. The corruption on a local
          level is huge. Criminals are covering their asses and trying to
          smear legitimate investigations and investigators. As Wil has
          surmised we deal with our own terrorist here and it has backing of
          unknown origin. I refuse to read his crap and will work to uncover
          his source of mania. In the mean time I hope to support our young
          president as he works to rebuild all that has been ruined by the
          right wing theocracy that has gripped us. I fear we will see
          economic terrorism dove tail with Bush/ Chaney counter terrorism and
          find a twisted core of ideologues pushing their greedy schemes and
          anti democratic agenda.
          Beating them back in the senate is a great beginning and when we get
          the money we can hire the lawyers and begin the real work. I could at
          this moment list many local slime balls who need time behind bars
          but all in proper sequence. The good moderates who are standing up
          in the senate should be supported . Olimpia Snow and Sen Susan
          Collins are brave Americans.
          We will reclaim this country for rational governance and then we
          can sort through the lies and conspiracies that have held us in
          terror. We know the big names and some of the small names but those
          in the muted press can and will fill in the blanks. Those still
          unmentioned will pull out all the stops to remain with the
          appearance of innocence but the grim truth will win out.
          The obstructionists will show us the cabal and their fear and
          corruption will undo them. We may never know the whys but the whos
          can be known by that furtive syntax and deceptive writing.
          Existentialism remains a fine standard as the battle rages about us.
          The never ending attack from strange quarters and loonies attests to
          its power. Clean thinking and iron resolve will win out. Don`t
          believe me just watch. Bill
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