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RE: [existlist] you utter pig Chris.

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  • chris lofting
    neuroscience is basic in its revelation of the differences of consciousness (asymmetry) and speciesness (symmetry). Our speciesness is built-up over
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      neuroscience is basic in its revelation of the differences of consciousness
      (asymmetry) and speciesness (symmetry). Our speciesness is built-up over
      considerable time spans and needs to be understood clearly for consciousness
      to act as an agent of mediation upon such instincts; as such there is the
      need for 'eternal vigilance' lest one falls back onto 'autopilot' too

      Implicit in the quotes/links supplied in the post is the application of the
      material to ANY collective and that includes a collective of existentialists
      where the 'greats' are repeated ad nausea (and stuck in a time leading into
      the 1950s) but no consideration is given to what neurosciences is telling us
      about the perspectives of existentialist philosophers developed over a
      period of time lacking any form of awareness of our nature as a species of
      primates. (reading Sartre's text on emotions being a fine example of an
      out-dated mindset).

      One can no longer 'do' philosophy without consideration of core motivations
      of all of as both as species beings and conscious beings where such are
      grounded, seeded, in the neurology.

      The 'drive' of mindless evolution is to 'best fit' any context and the
      emergence of consciousness as an agent of mediation allows for such, for
      emergence of a post modernist perspective that 'any metaphor will do' in
      fitting in with reality and so a focus on shape-shifting; today one is
      existentialist, tomorrow one is whatever is required to 'fit in'. This
      evolution focus is on SAMENESS dynamics and so on SYMMETRY. For a SPECIES
      development this is the best path for fitting into a thermodynamic universe
      - to conserve energy etc and so conserve all there is through adopting
      symmetric dynamics as covered in socialisation and crowd management etc.

      OTOH with the development of consciousness and so our singular being has
      emerged a facility that increases the bandwidth of the species in that we
      have 6.7 billion unique sensory systems; the emphasis here is on DIFFERENCE.
      The PRICE of maintaining that difference is on being competitive,
      argumentative, and so perpetually symmetry breaking/making through the use
      of mediation and language development (and so asymmetry) where such allows
      for transcendence over the more energy conserving transformation of symmetry
      thinking. (we note here that the use of consciousness to mediate and so
      refine instincts/habits leads ultimately, in principle, to the degeneration
      of consciousness as all experiences are met with some 'best fit' instinctive
      response and so mediation is no longer required! - imagination gets over
      THAT problem in that we can come up with a plethora of 'what ifs' - as we do
      with fiction)

      This passage from speciesness to consciousness ultimately leads to the
      politics of Anarchy as the 'best fit' in that it includes self-determination
      that includes self-transcendence over self-transformation. As such all
      political perspectives are up for investigation given the work coming out of
      neuroscience, work NONE of you will able to ignore and so better to
      understand it now and be vigilant than let it run riot in the hands of
      social engineers.

      For recent coverage see such as:

      Westen, D., (2007)"The Political Brain : The Role of Emotion in Deciding the
      Fate of the Nation" PublicAffairs
      Gazzaniga, Michael S., (2005)"The Ethical Brain" Dana Press

      For the symmetry bias of 'all is connected' see such as:

      Marx, K., ([1859]) Dobb,M.(ed)(1970)"A Contribution to the Critique of
      Political Economy" International Publishers

      Fidlon David, (trans) - Various(1968)"Historical Materialism : Basic
      Problems" Progress Publishers, Moscow

      Cohen, G.A. (1978)"Karl Marx's Theory of History" PUP

      Elster, J., (1985)"Making Sense of Marx [part 2:theory of history]" CUP

      Gladwell, M., (2000)"The Tipping Point" Little Brown

      Buchanan, M., (2002)"Small World" Phoenix

      Wolff, J.,(2002)"Why Read Marx Today?" OUP

      Popper, K., (2002)"The Povery of Historicism" Routledge

      Barabasi, A-L (2002)"Linked : The New Science of Networks" Perseus

      Strogatz, S., (2003)"Sync" Allen Lane

      Watts, J.D., (1999)"Small Worlds" Princton

      Watts, J.D., (2003)"Six Degrees" Heinemann

      Ball, P., (2004)"Critical Mass : How one thing leads to another"Heinemann

      Time to grow up guys - move into the 21st century AD rather than wallow in
      the confused mindsets of a philosophical perspectives grounded in ignorance
      -- or else give up and go and play golf ;-)


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