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The urgency of truth

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  • louise
    As one who finds that the meaning of subjectivity is truth, subjectivity is reality manifests in an ever more physical form, I struggle particularly now to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2008
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      As one who finds that the meaning of "subjectivity is truth,
      subjectivity is reality" manifests in an ever more physical form, I
      struggle particularly now to urge my brain and body to fresh effort.
      There are conflicting forces in my psyche which seem to present a
      serious threat to health, and yet these forces would appear to
      constitute part of the intrinsic meaning of my life. In other words,
      this inner battle is of the very stuff of a human existence, and has
      to be lived through. Wil has recently expressed his concern that
      ideas about race can only harm me, and, coming from such a source,
      that is, knowing he has a true regard for my welfare, it is
      impossible not to be affected by such a statement. In effect, it is
      quite disabling, and is only one of several factors that are
      Why do I write about my own health and personal feelings instead of
      simply relating what I have gleaned from learned men and women and
      the thoughts of my own that arise from this reading and my general
      experience? Because I must. Because my desire and duty coincide,
      even as I know that the vagaries of my health, or my own inabililty
      to perceive quite how others see me and my writings, may lead me to
      harm the cause of truthful representation which I seek to uphold.
      Whilst I am familiar with these tensions in recent years, they do not
      become any easier to endure. It is the price of an intellectual
      conscience, which, as Nietzsche pointed out, in "The Joyful Wisdom"
      (Book First, sections 2 & 3), puts a man or woman in a small
      minority. In my own case, however, there is the complication of
      knowing that noble impulses conflict with the very ignoble
      characteristics attributed to me on many occasions by others, without
      my having full confidence in my own ability to discern
      misrepresentation from accurate assessment. It is not just a matter
      of self-esteem, but a question of the nature of truth, quite as
      philosophical as it gets. A confession might also be in order, that
      I believe this tension to generate insecurities which the body
      spontaneously seeks to overcome by putting forth strong compensatory
      emotion, which may yield really negative results, such as a bullying
      tone, or a blindness to the feelings of others. If my own posts, as
      I strongly suspect, have this effect, even if only intermittently, I
      wish to apologise. It is one thing to offend, quite another to wound
      Nietzsche also made the comment that "truth is a woman". Possibly
      this means that it is both frail and strong. From the standpoint of
      decision, I wish to take up the challenge, to explain, clarify, and
      inform, on the basis of such knowledge as I have, and to argue from
      that position, so far as my health allows. Matter for research.

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