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Re: the nature of attachment

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  • louise
    ... by Dasein , ... equivalent ... standard ... So ... they ... to ... and ... losing ... idea ... No, far from illusory. It is just that the power of
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      > >
      > > Today I have been pondering what Heidegger might mean
      by 'Dasein',
      > > considering that it would be good to have a satisfactory
      > in
      > > my own mother-tongue, English, which is, in any case, the
      > > medium of communication at this list. Again, I proceed by
      > intuition,
      > > as it seems to me that the disagreement between Wil and Knott
      > concerns
      > > the nature of judgment, in regard to the reality of another, very
      > much
      > > a theme of "Concluding Unscientific Postscript", written by a
      > > pseudonym, Johannes Climacus, who unequivocally states that he is
      > not a
      > > Christian, but a humorist. This for me is a return to the themes
      > > uppermost when I first joined the list, about five winters ago.
      > I
      > > am suspecting that, for 'Western' philosophy, indirect
      > communication is
      > > very much involved with the meanings of Christian faith and
      > practice,
      > > and its relationships to aesthetic and ethical concerns.
      > > My starting-point is with Heidegger's "Being and Time", where the
      > > nature of phenomenology is explored (II.7.C), in terms I wish to
      > sketch
      > > out as follows, with a brief summation from sections 35 and 36:
      > > "phenomenology" means to let that which shows itself be seen from
      > > itself in the very way in which it shows itself from itself (a
      > > translation from the Greek, apophainesthai ta phainomena. I am
      > pausing
      > > at his point, in some awe, because the words seem luminous, as
      > > are, yet in the hard world of fact and power, they may be turned
      > > other accounts. Nevertheless, I want to present the starting-
      > point, as
      > > I said, in the direction of philosophical enquiry, since it is my
      > own
      > > belief that such enquiry will lead us back to the world of fact
      > > power, where as existing individuals we find ourselves eating and
      > > drinking).
      > >
      > > To avoid excessive length of posts, or the risk of literally
      > my
      > > thread, I shall send this much, now, and resume shortly.
      > >
      > > Louise
      > >Louise, This is thoughtful with the Greek most adjunctary. The
      > of a return to a world of fact and power , illusory.

      No, far from illusory. It is just that the power of emotion at
      present is preventing me from expresing what I mean without such
      concision as to be fairly impenetrable. Here, in regard to
      Heidegger's ideas, I was referring to history, to National Socialism,
      to the fact that philosophical ideas deriving from Nietzsche and
      other German thinkers can be claimed by those without sensitivity,
      understanding or imagination, and put into effect with horrifying
      consequence. Just the same is happening now, mutatis mutandis.
      Really, it is very difficult to compose anything at present, yet,
      when I can, it seems worth the effort to make an attempt, such is the
      torrent of controlled anger, I have never known the like. It is a
      sort of illness, I suppose, and may contain insights. What would I
      know, though, because sometimes rules are just made up by
      contributors. Enough. Until later. Louise

      Does the power
      > arise from mastery of ideas? The mastery of some authentic self
      > sounds like a journey in 12 steps. I have seen the void that ends
      > 12 steps. I think all of that will be described with DNA studies
      > much like cancer is now being illuminated.
      > One thing I have long admired about your writing is a timelessness
      > that seems more Roman than Greek. Some amount of empire still
      > in your mind. It is possible for some to find your writing
      > I find it older than that. It is Imperial.
      > I have not heard you mention Dostoiefsky but think a reverse view
      > empire might be interesting for you. The idea of a mirror as self
      > to me a concept that approaches an impossibility. I do not hold
      > as a goal nor shun it as evil.
      > I apologise for the use of fascist as it can be most inflammatory
      > explained what I think you are and find your ideas illuminating. I
      > have been called misogynist and having read the definition , see
      > the charge was leveled.
      > My authentic self keeps being shuffled about like a
      > I am happy it falls back to any discernible pattern. As I listened
      > Obama`s first press conference I am more certain we are going to
      > many things fly apart. A higher level of uncertainty seems to loom
      > before any dawn. We are starting to see numerous homeless camps
      > Those were gone before I was born. My grand parents spent an Iowa
      > winter in a tent. The harshness is just beyond my comprehension. It
      > is snowing and those people are down by the Racoon river. " Fair
      > well my rambling boy. may all your rambles bring you joy"---"He
      > never cared if I had no dough, we rambled round in the rain and
      > I think John Prine did that and before him the Kingston Trio.
      > way were going bum again. Bill
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