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  • bhvwd
    ... sexy ... ask ... and ... grounded ... of ... I ... the ... is ... etc. ... that ... Society is a ball of razors that cuts those inside as well as those
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 19, 2008
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Jewel seems to be getting it. Modernism evolves, it is not as
      > a
      > > title as existentialism but it puts out more meaning. Unlike post
      > > modernism, modernism allows words to retain meaning. We do not
      > for
      > > or want transcendental meaning, that would require an absolute
      > > those are no,no`s. Science, much to the chagrin of many , is one
      > of
      > > the best beacons of existentialism. Existentialism has little
      > argument
      > > with mathematics and even less with physics. It is a well
      > > philosophy that abhors belief.
      > > I find it most adrift in interpersonal relations where the mores
      > the
      > > past interfere with the building of better systems. It is most
      > > difficult to coexist with insipid people of faith and so I am
      > often
      > > left with classes of people whom are unapproachable from any
      > > existential tangent. I do not abhor this reality but think of
      > wasted
      > > time and wasted people.
      > > Existentialists can be warriors but I find it impossible for an
      > > existentialist to be a priest. He can be a poet but not a king.
      > have
      > > set on a kings thrown and again could not reconcile the
      > absolutism.
      > > By the way, our eye in the sky is blind, it seems appropriate
      > > lordly Bush retained power until the loss of Hubble. Stupidity
      > the
      > > direct adversary of existentialism. Bill
      > Of course, absolutism while an enemy of reason and imagination, has
      > proved very useful in building powerful armies, stable families
      > The world for thousands of years has been so adrift in conflict,
      > any nation that didnt use dogma to create and unify the masses into
      > an effective fighting force, was likely to be overrun, and either
      > killed or subjugated by nations that do. The mytholgical image of
      > Lucifer, the brightest angel, being thrown into eternal hell for
      > questioning the power is very archtypical. Tom
      > >
      >I am sure you see the blatant contradiction in fighting for peace.
      Society is a ball of razors that cuts those inside as well as those
      out. Non theism would attempt to cut off the god association with
      war efforts. It is the theists who devise all manner of personal
      subterfuges in order to protect their myths, their morals, their
      secret friends of the mind from reason and light. I am not against an
      inner life but to project it as general philosophy is an affront to
      the freedom of others. If you wish to write fiction , by all means
      do so, but not here. Here we attempt to write of modern philosophy
      and can back it up with material from the seminal writers.
      New,personal material is certainly welcome but it should be referenced
      as such , just as you would attribute the ideas of others.
      I am interested in what others think, not what they believe. If you
      want to start a religion by all means do, but not here. If you wish
      to argue an idea I have no care why you might believe it just tell me
      how much you know and from where it came .Literature is divided into
      prose and poetry and we have long accepted both if the material
      relies on existential concepts. Hindu mysticism, protestant
      mysticism, catholic mysticism, neuroscience babble and all the rest
      of the garbage we sort through are verboten. New theories in the
      soft sciences are good discussion points but they are soft theories
      and often the product of counting studies. What your annalist
      tells you should stay with you, it is for you for a reason.
      This is a public media with a specific purpose, to discuss
      existentialism. Some, like bookdoc understand that even though he
      comes from a tradition all his own. Existentialism is like a cloud
      in which you can live your life. It is an atmosphere of reason that
      evolves with the minds of the existentialists. You need not carry a
      card to participate but I think a rational association with the
      modern world is prerequisite. So when you come here put on the face
      in a jar labeled" modern". The old world of order is about to change
      as we drag toward the watershed of elective democracy. People are
      preparing for a myriad of outcomes and I hold forth we might examine
      an existential turning for the betterment of our planet. If we think
      like modern men we might act as such. Bill
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