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RE: [existlist] Black irish

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  • chris lofting
    ... LOL! - check this: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/11/opinion/11freedman.html ...and then:
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      > Qbama is black irish and existentialism has seen none like
      > him. When the Kennedies picked him up I took good notice. Now
      > his commercial shows his lineage. He has not hidden what his
      > genetic background might be. For those who hate the irish and
      > those who hate the blacks this becomes a apparent winning
      > mission. You tell me what you think, log on and express
      > yourself. I have suffered enough blockage from "
      > Neuroscientist" politics.

      LOL! - check this:


      ...and then:


      The Emotional I Ching material is applicable in that it too is grounded on
      how your brain mediates. The essential point is that the neuroscience deals
      with your species-nature as a determined being; as such it does not, cannot
      replace consciousness and so the freedom to 'go with the flow' or 'fight the
      flow' or 'shift flows'. What it does do is aid in presenting consciousness
      information on a lot of material that is being dealt with unconsciously.

      As unique beings we are in a position to refine our intuitions but it takes
      awareness and proactively to do so; something not supported at the level of
      'just another social species' where the focus is on reacting to context
      without thought used to refine those reactions through proactive learning.

      The Eastern perspective is that as conscious beings we are 'small' in a big,
      but generally determined, universe. Thus understanding the determinism gives
      us as free beings the ability to predict situations and so pre-empt local
      context changes through adjusting position (and that includes shifting

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