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Re: Philosophy & Science

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  • C. S. Wyatt
    ... And yes, people wrote past 1984, but I have the reading list for my department. I can tell you it was rather shocking (appalling) that several of the
    Message 1 of 8 , Sep 21, 2008
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      WIll, your response should have skipped to my very last statement:

      >> instructors in years. Their memories have altered the texts, as it were, making MF
      > and Kuhn "godlike" and Popper the satanic figure attacking their faith.
      > Response: Foucault wrote through 1984.

      And yes, people wrote past 1984, but I have the reading list for my department. I can tell
      you it was rather shocking (appalling) that several of the "mandatory readings" are not
      only out of print, but I could not locate them at any used bookstore in the Twin Cities, nor
      online for less than $100 each.

      My commentary was that the department was locked in a battle against science as well as
      stuck in a strange time warp. That is not healthy for any academic pursuit.

      The example of autism was because that is my research area, but other graduates here
      have experienced similar issues with computer science, social rhetoric of cancer, and
      several other pursuits. I simply used what I am experiencing as anecdotal, representing
      the demise of what once was a department dating back to the turn of the twentieth

      These professors are not teaching Foucault from the text, just as they teaching nothing
      else from the text. They rely on they yellowing, typed notes from their own exams and
      dissertation years. As one told me, "I've been here 35 years, teaching the same two
      classes. It's comfortable." He uses old overhead sheets and still mourns the shift to dry-
      erase boards from chalkboards.

      Now, if they were actually rereading MF? Heck, you can reread the Sophists and apply their
      ideas to current trends. But, as this department closes, there is a reason for it.

      What you read into my posts (which, by the way, everyone here should keep short) missed
      my primary point -- rejecting science and using any thinker to do so, rejecting science out
      of whatever reason, is insufficient in a primarily analytical academic system.

      As for any concern I have for French mental health systems, I have much the same
      concern for all mental health systems when they try to deal with children as adults. The
      U.S. drugs our children, the British mental health system ignores problems (I have stacks
      of NHS reports on staff shortages), and the French accuse the patient of manipulation, as if
      children want to harm parents.

      No, every mental health system (not just in the West, but those are all I deal with when
      seeking patient information) seems broken to me. You read far too much into a critique,
      not knowing how I feel about other systems. I simply cannot post a 300 page dissertation
      on child mental health here.

      At my age, nearly 40, I trust no system and mourn the collapse of few.

      - CSW
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